Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki serenade

Sophisticated Suki – Does my ass look big in this dress? Well, it’s meant to!

Wet pussy – When in doubt lubricate.

Beach slave Suki – Red, Blondie and I are having a ball. I reckon it’s time for me to eat pussy.

Flying the flag – Why shouldn’t it double as a towel if I want it to?

Super girls – This is right for me on so many levels.

She’s on the tip of my tongue – I just know I’ve met her somewhere before.

Up to my neck in it – This is my kind of trouble.

Spur of the moment – Yes, I can have that effect on total strangers I might meet in the ladies’ loo. I never object, of course.

Fucking me – I’m certainly not objecting to this either.

Fisting little me – This seems like perfectly reasonable behaviour to me.

Another fisting for me – By all means, honey, go for it!

Time for cake – Hopefully this will whet my friends’ appetite for pussy.

A simple task – Some people can make a real meal out of the simplest of little jobs.

Going all the way – And speaking of real meals ...

Firing off – The soft drinks dispenser is malfunctioning.

Innocent Suki – We’re back to the seashore and I’m switching to temptress mode again.


Sad Suki – Boo-hoo! I’ve been rejected. Fuck it!

Right angle – Never give up. That’s my motto. It’s all down to presentation.

Dedicated licker – The more effort you put in the more you get out.

Sweet love – Seems to be working.

Goodnight kiss – We’re both little angels really.

Mirror souvenir – I want to remember this mirror exactly the way it was.

Hitting the spot – Aaahhh! Bliss!

Heavy metal ride – Thank goodness this has been set to music!

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