Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki sizzles

Let’s play – Spanish bars are funny like this. Guys watch football while a sweltering Suki just has to play with herself.

Bathroom frolic – Oh, I love a big one, don’t you? Bathroom, I mean.

Spreading the pee – If it looks like Champagne and it tastes like Champagne, then it must be my pee or Champagne.

Maid service – Now, how do you think this hotel earned its five stars?

Anal shock – No matter how many times I’m banged in the asshole it still comes as a shock.

Deliciously hot Suki – I really should be more careful what I eat before a session with the photographer Josh Rogan.

I get what’s coming – Great! A guy who knows where my pussy is.

Easy money – Twice the pleasure and twice the bucks. I’m such a lucky girl.

Value for money – But I do give good value though.

Full to overflowing – I feel real dirty when I’m covered in spunk.

Self-portrait – A streetwise Suki patrols the neighbourhood.

Psychedelic Suki – Who you lookin’ at, motherfucker?

Peace, honey – I’m casual but still smart, Bro.

Star of the sea – I’ll need this knife for opening oysters, honey.

My life as a dolphin – My ocean-going brothers will protect me from most things aquatic.

Suki on show – So, what are the street corners like where you live?

Wanna wrestle – I think I need a less ostentatious belt.

Contemplation – Shall I go for a swim or go shopping?

Observing Suki – I love to be spied upon, even by the cops in the copse.

Fellatio class – I hope she’s watching carefully. It’s her turn next.

Orgasmic rain – If you’re wet on the outside, you might as well be wet on the inside too, I reckon.

Green with envy – I’m making a fashion statement here.

Punk Suki – If this ain’t style what is?

Goth Suki – Another fashion statement coming up.

Single file – I thought my boss had spotted something in my eye. He had – lust.

Slow-motion shower sex – The acoustics in here are marvellous.

Sofa sex – I’m definitely getting the point. What else could a sofa be for?

Spot the fireman – One pole in front and another behind. Perfect!

Quality guaranteed – My face was made for fucking.

Santa Suki – A holiday treat for both of us.

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