Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki swings

Swinging – My vulva loves to hang free in the fresh air, full of the joys of Spring and, of course, swinging like a pendulum do!

Compulsory kiss – A girl can’t help it. I just have to.

Favourite kisses – Teen Suki could never get enough kisses from her girlfriends.

School girls will be girls – It’s great when they’re even keener than I am.

No rest for the wicked – No, she’s right. I never seem to run out of cum.

Advanced pussy care – This is like a gym session for my tongue. I’ve been practising on the treadmill.

Clit swipe – They do say “practice makes perfect.”

Time to relax – So many girls so little time.

College girl Suki – I seem to be sending out a very definite message here.

Completely stoned – Everyone needs total relaxation therapy occasionally.

What a waist! – This is how some guys see me and I’m not objecting.

Filed under S for sex – I think that he has pretty well got me sussed.

Calming the boss – As a coping mechanism this may seem a bit extreme but if that’s the way he wants it I’ll just play along.

Suki, the dog whisperer – Bonzo clearly has his own agenda. Who am I to say he’s in the wrong?

Be prepared – I’m always willing to help out a fellow actress.

Full service – This guy shot his load pretty quick but it was only to be the first of many.

Fingers fishing – These Austrian skiers really appreciate my après-ski techniques.

The welcome mat – You guys know me so well.

Suki’s shower surprise – Funny, it ended up a nice surprise.

Working girls – Division of labour always makes for an easier life.

Little slut me – It’s true and division of labour also makes for an exciting life.

Let the games begin – See if you can spot me. Shooting this scene took all day. I wonder why?

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