Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki – the full spectrum

Shopping Suki – So, the store detective seems to be giving me the once-over but there are no unexpected items in the bagging area. Honest to Betsy!

Even Bambi likes me – Oh, deer. Yet another connoisseur of ass.

Solo soak – I do love a bath – especially one with me in it.

Hot shower – There’s something to be said for an assisted shower too.

Getting it in the neck – I’ll happily offer up my throat to the right person.

Kiss me quick – Lips first, then tongues.

Fuck or die – Well, if you put it that way …

Hypnotic cleaner – This office cleaner could also be an executive toy or a hypnotist’s assistant. She mesmerises me anyway.

I must obey – So, I’m that easy to mesmerise, am I?

Cocktail splash – Reading erotica always gets me horny.

Wanna be king? – If I’m the Queen does that make you want to fuck me?

Seductive Suki – What are you waiting for? I won’t stay like this forever.

Up the ladder to the roof – I love to tantalise really. You know I do.

Grabbing Suki – What? Another Japanese businessman? Is my work never done?

A walk in the forest – People take exercise in different ways, I guess.

Fighting over me – To the winner the spoils. But the loser can spoil me too.

Oh, Brother – This monk can export me if he wants.

Why not pussy? – Look, honey! Here’s something you’re missing.

Street hold-up – Single-minded determination will usually produce the desired result as in this case.

Suki by appointment – It’s members only night at Club Suki.

A happy hooker – Make your hobby your work and you’ve got it made.

Suki’s song – I don’t know why I should want to hum the American national anthem at this particular moment but it went down well.

Sleeping beauty – I hope that at least the bastard was dreaming about me when I got him off.

A slave for BBC – Big Black Cock is an absolute priority for me.

Loving attention – OK, I’m a fan of big white cock as well.

Feed me – A girl’s gotta eat sometime!

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