Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

The very best of Suki

What a shower – I prefer my clients to be sparkling clean as well as being fully aware that I have them by the balls.

Sunbathing Suki – Does my ass look big in this?

Gonna have sex with this car – I’m really just trying to make my boyfriend jealous here.

Premium rate massage – My clients get what they pay for.

Pussy wagon – I guess I’ve been cured of hitch-hiking in Utah.

A father-son thing – Relationships, eh? Why let them get in the way of a business arrangement?

I’ll be good – Ever get the feeling that kids don’t respect you?

Suki’s career opportunities – Don’t believe everything the careers adviser tells you.

Description is too real – I guess I’m linguistically gifted.

The entertainment – I love being the floor show. Sixty-nine is good too.

Blondes have more fun – A change isn’t really as good as a rest. If anything, going blonde gets me busier.

Gorilla whore – I’m just too trusting, aren’t I?

A little oiling – Gotta look and feel my best.

A little touch-up – There! I’m perfect!

Admiration – I suppose I could just greet him like this.

Some guys never give up – There’s a time and a place for this but it’s not on the main street.

My friend – So, we fucked two times and she never shuts up about it.

Friendly gesture – Sometimes a zip cannot be resisted.

The things we do – Get me drunk and I’m liable to do anything.

Blue really suits me – There are guys who would pay me a fortune to do that to them.

Whipping club – So that’s why they didn’t charge me a membership fee when I joined.

Romances with wolves – You just gotta go with the flow, I guess.

Mutual admiration – We’ve both got finger rings.

Fun time – If you analize it I reckon I contributed something worthwhile to this couple’s bedroom frolics.

A shag and a shower – Low self-esteem? Moi?

Outdoor entertainment – Oh! If my pussy could talk about the next door neighbour!

I love a ball game – Every little helps, I suppose.

Fucked out the window – I tried to get away but didn’t quite make it.

He got me – Oooh! That stings.

Washed away – If only all my sins could be this easily. So refreshing!

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