Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki in the picture

Suki in the picture – It’s my green period. I think this see-thru dress has got the paparazzi excited. It works for me too.

Suki is transparent – I think I may make an impression in this nightclub. I hope it’s obvious enough that I want to be fucked. Why else would I wear my “fuck-me” dress?

Suki goes green – Thank goodness it’s a warm night. I’m deliberately ignoring what that guy is doing under his coat.

See-thru Suki – Things are looking up. The black doorman has got to be on my fuck-list.

Suki fishing for men – This hair-net also serves as a man-catcher. If I had a trident I could be a gladiator. Maybe I should shell out for one.

Suki all at sea – So, I was swimming earlier and I guess I picked up a few barnacles.

My tits are stars – And so is the rest of me in this outfit. I think it makes me look slimmer too.

Drunk Suki – I’m pissed already and I’m not even in the club yet.

Cut down to size – Some photo editors are clearly alcoholics too.

Sunny outlook – I’m just a beach girl at heart.

All thumbs – It’s time for a thong.

Suki snaps – I’d better study my options before swiping.

Suki is a star – At night I’m in my element.

Space girl – Isn’t the universe pretty? I could gaze at it for hours.

Space Suki – Come with me to the planetarium, buster. My warp drive needs fixing.

Simple worship – Of course, I’m going to eat her pussy. Why else would I be down here?

Nutritional – Getting stuck into my main meal of the day.

Ass-biter – I’m not the only one in need of a snack.

Ass better – Did it really have to be that big?

Electric atmosphere – This is definitely fun.

Pussy for Red – Spontaneous sex is always the best kind.

Pleased to meet me – It’s nice to be introduced to a new friend.

Bottom of the pile – There was a cock in me a moment ago. Where is it now? That’s the trouble with orgies.

Naked temptation – This guy I met in the corridor seems shy.

Getting closer – I’ll soon get him to open up.

Nightclub fun – Fucked in time to the music. Excellent!

He just showed up – I’ve no idea who he is but I’m loving his cock.

More fun for me – This is all the massage therapy I need.

Blonde Suki semi-nude – The feel of leather on my pussy sends my nipples into orbit.

Blonde Suki squats – A lighter shade of blonde obviously brings out the athletic side of me. If my pussy could talk it would beg for cock.

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