Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is secure

Suki is a star? – My own television show? Just a pilot unfortunately. Not taken up by a network. Boo-hoo!

My tits are trying to escape – It is cold in the studio. (Escape ... cold... tits... geddit?)

He’s pulled – Strangely I don’t mind the tug on my hair!

Mirror image – Driving home his point.

Yes, please – This is exactly what I need to start the day.

Suki takes a back seat – Alright, I’m keen. Can I help it?

Suki in the sun – I love it when this happens. This guy is so masterful.

Ideal length – I’m open to suggestion on thickness, guys.

Suki’s lapdance – I guess I’m a showgirl at heart. I just adore showing myself.

The bigger they come – The more I like it!

Don’t mess with me – One prick and you could bleed.

My bodyguard says “No” – After I’ve told him what to say.

Don’t squash me – I have to draw the line somewhere, don’t I?

One lucky guy – My friends and I do take on the occasional charity case.

Just eat – Did somebody say “devour my pussy?”

Just shop – I can’t make up my mind what Christmas presents to buy. There’s so much choice.

Charity mania – Shopping can be a lot of fun when you bring a friend.

Halloween kiss – When it comes down to it, any hunk will do for me.

It started with a kiss – This shop assistant is a tad pushy.

Fast mover – She’s going the right way to get a sale though.

Licking Suki – Ideally I would always have a face between my legs.

Zip code – This dress has got to come off, sweetie.

I want you naked –Panties off, honey, pronto!

Secretarial Suki – My boss always knew that I was a doll.

Office romance – I think he missed elevenses.

Something’s cooking in the kitchen – I guess it’s part of a chef’s duties to encourage the waitressing staff.

Hard pressed – He realised that a bedtime story was not going to do it for me.

You rang, mylord – I can be classy when I want to be.

Suki has doubts – This guy stretches my credulity way too far.

Squaw in loo – I really can’t say fairer than that.

The sex was in tents – I will happily do it anywhere as you well know.

Hookers in the lounge – The wait can be boring, especially if you’re third in the queue.

Suki does it better – Blonde me is just as appealing as brunette me.

Market forces – It’s not often that I’m outsmarted but I blame the blonde hair.

You choose – Somehow I’m not too worried by the competition this time.

Security by Suki – You’re safe under my protection, honey. I can guarantee it.

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