Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s soap opera

Shower massage – I need to work harder. That erection should be pointing up.

I’ve got your back – Please get hard for me, honey.

Wet dream – The water is getting colder or I’m losing my touch.

Soap opera – Maybe if I kiss it, it will grow.

Rear guard – Another client, another sexy manoeuvre.

Our bathtime – Ooooh! It’s popped out for air!

A massage for Suki – I love it when I’m well-oiled.

Suki strikes back – Anything can happen now.

A captive audience – I have some dildos with your name on them, honey.

Reflective Suki – I’m incognito for once.

Escort duty – This guy is really up his own ass as well as mine.

Hi there, boys – Yes, it’s me at my no panties best.

Never say no to cock – A gang-bang that is well-paid is still a gang-bang and I’m sore all over.

Treating Suki – Yes, I’m finally seeking help for my sex addiction. I have high hopes of this treatment.

Tackling me head on – It’s based on aversion therapy. I’ll have so many earth-shattering orgasms that I’ll get fed up with them. That’s the theory anyway.

My chronic need – If the treatment doesn’t work I will still have had a good time.

Party girl – Insatiable me is out on the hunt for sex again.

Sleeping through the good bit – There was a high statistical chance of at least one gay guy in the room.

Suki swallows – I was so hungry and now I’m sated.

Sweet dreams – These two guys must be hungry too. I make a filling main course for them.

Be brave – There’s plenty of life left in me yet.

Lofty ideas – What a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

Do you have the stomach for it? – When the TV breaks down you have to find new ways to entertain your boyfriend.

Shake your booty – If you have an ass you have got to be able to move it.

I’m green with envy – I’m having to force a smile because my four friends have beaten me to the bounty. I’m just the incredible sulk.

Patience is a virtue – It’s so hot and we’re so bored and two of us have not been vaccinated yet.

New girl in town – I’m lowest in the pecking order so I have to do the most chores. At least the swan fancies me.

This carpet is magic – I can lie here and dream of the Arabian nights to come.

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