Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Welcome home, Suki

Welcome home – So, some random guy picks me out for a welcome at the airport. No, he actually is my current boyfriend. What a surprise!

Serving breakfast – Here I’m the chef as well as the waitress. It’s good to have something hot first thing.

Stairway to heaven – He couldn’t even wait until we got upstairs to the hotel bedroom.

Laid back guy – At least the loo gave us some privacy.

A full pussy – Yes, his hairstyle did leave a lot to be desired but I only cared about his dick not his head.

Beach boy – I mustn’t talk with my mouth full.

Two hard men – I seem to be in the right place.

Excellent O and A levels – This is my favourite beach. I wonder why.

Beach pussy – I guess I deserve the reputation.

Happy shopper – This is a great store to pick up men.

See anything you like? – A little subtle advertising always helps.

My favourite – Prime black dick coming right up.

Up behind – More subtlety from yours truly.

Bathtime for Suki – An erotic read and frisky fingers. What more could a girl want between lovers?

Game of thrones – This chair gives me presence. I feel I could chair a meeting.

Just something I threw on – I can do “presence” while standing as well.

Feather light – I don’t think the artist has exaggerated his depiction of me one little bit.

Bikini babe – I’m radiating again.

Perfect positioning – I got her in the licker store.

Edible me – Honestly! Guys are ravenous in the kitchen.

Couples weekend – Everyone seems contented which is nice.

Suki snaps up her man – Choose a target and go for it, I say.

Our pet – I’m happy to share him with his boss.

Stranglehold – This would be unacceptable if he wasn’t fucking me too.

Hanging out with the guys – Sometimes men can just be so annoying.

Disco encounter – Why do guys always grope me on the dance floor?

This really sucks – Rooftops are a great place to fuck. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Girl bites dog – I have a way with pooches. We have a mutual understanding. Is it because I’m a bitch at heart?

Any cock will do – I’m so submissive when it comes to dick.

My appeal – I think I may just be a bitch in heat!

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