Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez


Playful Suki – So this guy came at me with a giant pair of scissors and now I have to go to the office like this.

I’m no oil painting – These brush strokes have blurred me enough to make a good impression.

All pussy – Oh, the meaning of this work of art is much clearer!

I’m ready, honey – Isn’t it funny that a good artist can make you look better than you actually are.

No, you choose – I think this graphic artist has captured my essence.

Demure I ain’t – Once I spread them I like to tease with a cover-up.

Banana republic – This artist decided to use me as the symbol of a fruit bowl for this piece with just one fruit to symbolise a penis (I guess).

Teen Suki – Life was so different then.

Sitting pretty – I must still have it! Fortunately, I still prefer older men anyway.

Fighting over a man – Is he really worth it? Probably!

Tights situation – We both like to bay to the moon as it happens.

He’s an intellectual – As well as a sadistic control-freak obviously.

Pleasing the postman – Trying to make up for all those times the dog got him.

Serenely blonde – That’s your question? What kind of shampoo did I use?

The wrong snaps – I think he just wanted to get me naked. And he’s not even a doctor, just a technician.

Reasons to love – Cynical? Moi?

Riding Lightning – Fork me! He’d need something to get him moving.

In my dreams  Let me just savour the moment.

Lion eyes – Actually I did his claws for him and now we’re best mates.

Not so bisexual  - This place has its own ambiance. Just in case anyone is taken ill.

Dress to impress – I was concerned about her personal safety. Honestly, I was.

Just grab me – I dig the shoulder pads. This guy should have been a line-backer.

Signposts to sex with Suki – I like to make things absolutely clear to people.

Take a break – Have a pussy!

Suki versus the Sex Machine - – I think I’m gonna win this contest.

Cheap alternative – Told you I would. Other compatible hookers are available.

Money isn’t everything – He got a free strip show into the bargain. The bastard!

Old faithful – A man’s brain will always get there in the end. Some are just slower than others.

If only – I’m here for those “if only” moments in a man’s life.

Honey, I’m home – And wives are here to cook and clean.

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