Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

A big lick for Suki

Topless – I have this communal pool all to myself this morning so I’m risking the wrath of the Guardia Civil by going topless.

A big lick – We’re so clever, aren’t we?

Time for a picnic – When the mood takes you just get out there.

Late breakfast – This is some serious tickling.

Coke and cock – Which is better?

Opening wide – This guy is real thick and so is his cock.

Balcony babe – Yea, I’m fully clothed again.

Drinkypoos – This is Spanish chic, so I’m told.

Maid for sex – He has me on a direct radio link.

No ordinary maid – I think his lordship deserves a few extra perks.

Suki is a national treasure – And I will soon have one if he keeps paying me at my current rate.

Deep probe – Back to my semi-permanent state of being once more.

No choking – He just likes to keep me in my place.

Afternoon delight – You wouldn’t believe how much good this is doing me.

Squat thrusts – Who needs Peloton when you have this?

Defying gravity – It’s a good trick if you can do it.

Desktop publishing – Our deadline is approaching fast.

Stripping Suki – I adore getting naked in front of an audience.

Enjoy the spectacle – I had to do the running commentary because the music wasn’t working. Technology, eh!

Half price Suki – If business is slow the market rate does tend to fall.

Suki is raped – Fortunately I am being paid to go through with this little drama.

Suki’s rescuer – Unfortunately my rescuer did not have all the facts and took out his ignorance on my punter big time. Oh, well!

Milk and sex – Catering was included in the deal.

Titty fuck – It’s what he wanted and my cunt needed the rest and recuperation.

Sucking up to the boss – Most bosses just want coffee in the mornings.

Working late – He’s supervising me and yes, it’s super.

Suki’s female client – She’s a talker alright. There’s no doubt about that. Nervous probably.

Bisexual chic – It really is such a small world.

Hot tub encounter – The early days with Gypsy were a constant treat.

Making love to Suki – She seemed to know instinctively how to turn me on.

Underwater fun – It felt as if I were loving my own reflection in the water.

Submerged 69 – It was a first for both of us.

Hot tub hotties – It could only have been hotter with a third party joining in.

Three pussies in PVC – Gypsy needed a little gentle persuasion.

Slit sipper – Convenient gaps in the clinging outfits allow for pleasure to penetrate.

Kinky threesome – There’s pussy for everyone at this sexy coming together.

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