Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

A close shave for Suki

Messy – It’s OK. I’m well used to spillage.

Fun at the seaside – I’m caught between a rock and a hard-on.

Be rough with me – This is what happens when you have bangs.

Hard ride – He’s all muscle.

Exhausting work – I’ll just do my horse impression, shall I?

Hitting the high notes – I’ll sing for my supper.

Sofa pounding – Does he have to pull my hair quite so hard? Am I detecting a pattern here?

Blood relative – He’s slurping so loudly he must be really enjoying my cum.

Medical emergency – It looks like I’ve drained the doctor of what remaining energy he had.

Suki, East of Java – My cum is hotter than any lava flow and when I erupt with an orgasm it beats any heat from a volcano.

Pampering Suki – The story of my pussy is real edge-of-the-seat stuff.

Hair today – This salon knows how to treat its best customer.

Pussy for breakfast – I get the complete service from the attentive staff.

Shaven snatch – Actually I hate having cum in my hair but one has to be polite.

Bare-faced pussy – It’s great to be able to put myself in the hands of an expert. All my woodland area has been deforested.

An in-betweener – It’s a pity our pussies were parted by his penis.

A people-oriented solution – Every good story has a happy ending.

Togetherness – We each get a piece of the action.

Oh, brothers! – Double penetration during the lunch break works for me.

Pool boy – Give me the sunshine, fresh air and a cock in my pussy and I’ll give you a contented Suki.

Poolside pussy – I’m also content to lick pussy until it’s my turn to be licked.

Here clitty, clitty – This girl knows exactly how to please me.

Muff divers – We were bound to fall into the water at some point. Let’s make the most of it.

Ice, ice, baby – We have to cool off somehow. It wasn't a diamond or a fancy way of proposing.

Suck it and see – My toes are so sensitive when sucked.

I’m a winner – The spoils of victory mean I get the girl all to myself.

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