Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

A walk in the park for Suki

A walk in the park – Just taking my leopards for their constitutional.

Ramming it home – He sure knows how to emphasise a point.

Tongue is ready – Now where can I find a clitty?

Drink aware – I’m always aware that I’m drinking. The bottle is the clue.

Hello there – She’s on the tip of my tongue.

Cute cunt – Oooh! I fancy them!

Sleeping beauty – I’m obviously expecting somebody.

A clean breast of it – This is what tits are for.

Shower kiss – So sweet!

An intimate shower – Happy tits, happy lips.

Exercise – Can’t wait to get in the gym (for a coffee).

Heavy breathing – Good muscle control.

Pulling together – Hair can make a statement.

The Athlete and the Tramp – He’s wearing more than me!

A pleasurable afternoon – Sometimes you just have to give in to pleasure.

See cock, suck cock – This is a good motto for any party girl.

On my knees – Yes, I am an acknowledged expert. I get so much practice.

A first class hooker – This suck was a freebee.

Another triumphant blow-job – Why should he be the only one to get any enjoyment?

Hard as a rock – He might as well use it while it works.

On the house – Aren’t I the generous one? Totally selfless me.

Market forces – Some people take cosplay to extremes, don’t they?

Suki sucks – What is it with me and male genitalia, eh?

My lord and master – Who does he think he is?

Fucked by Anonymous – Just another client to me.

A solid citizen – What a plonker!

A hard man is easy to please – Of course, I have to do all the work.

Any position you like – I’m his totally flexible friend.

A gem in bed – Sweat and cum make writhing easy.

Why me? – Some clients just like to keep me waiting!

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