Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Affectionate Suki

Suki says “Welcome to Spain” – Alex and I are delighted to have a visit from our friend Keisha.

Girly time – I love to tease my girlfriends.

What a joker! – Wow! The relief on their faces!

Affection – This is a long-term position for both of us.

Getting to know you – Things are definitely hotting up.

Fill my mouth – Now we’re steaming in a passionate embrace.

Looking down on you – We’re getting more and more frantic.

Passion – This is really serious. Clearly we've been at it for some considerable time.

Let’s masturbate together – We know what our respective pussies want.

Blonde encounter – Her hair is in a growth spurt.

The golden temple – Her low self-esteem needs boosting.

Passions stirring – I probably should be slapped down.

Addictive surfing – I should really try to stop turning myself on.

Dobbin’s delight – I think this steed fancies me indeed.

All ages welcome – Age is not a barrier to sex with me.

Loving the staying power – If you can still get it up, then get it up me.

Breakfast in bed – I’m a sucker for an invalid.

No more breaks – Cock care is a skill-set I possess in abundance.

Lesbian interlude – I think we don’t really need the guy at all when we’re in this mood.

Family affairs – They’re both eighteen, I swear, m’lud.

Domestic chores – If nothing else I can put on a show

Visual stimulation – I can please myself and please them at the same time.

Motivational skills – Everybody gets what they want and everybody’s happy.

Self-portraits – It’s so hot here in Spain we’ve decided to paint on our clothes. That way we can be respectably naked.

Eating Blondie – Perhaps I should have waited until we got off the dancefloor.

Riding Blondie – This seems to be having the desired effect.

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