Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

All the boys love Suki

My boyfriend’s son – Flattery really does work on me.

The best boyfriend – Mike’s son is almost eighteen already though he looks much younger.

A revelation – On mature reflection he was probably making this up so that he could seduce me.

A bad boy – Like all girls I go for bad boys, don’t I?

A bad girl – I’m just one nasty piece of work, aren’t I?

A call from Dad – It’s about time I confronted him with his extracurricular activities.

In big trouble – I’m raging and out for a revenge fuck with sonny boy.

My teen stallion – I know a great fucker when he bangs me.

New and improved – He’s right. This is much better than I’m used to with his father.

Coming home – Well, at least my sound effects motivated the bastard to get his ass home where, of course, he will find his girlfriend and his son sitting demurely in front of the TV.

Eat up all your Suki – An eager mouth craving every bit of me and no need to say Grace beforehand.

A full massage – It’s my turn to be oiled up and caressed all over.

Doing it for a friend – Of course, I’m happy to dish out the same treatment when it’s asked for.

Such a tease – I love to put on a private show for my friends.

The love motel – Blondie and I can’t wait to get to our room.

A pitstop – We like to charm the locals too.

A photographic reminder – A souvenir to remember us by.

Mistress Suki – I need a feed of drink to put me in the mood to abuse my clients.

Feeding time – You will both eat from the same bowl. Good luck with that, honey.

Suki is in his power – This is much more like it for submissive little me.

Suki is an accident waiting to happen – I like to say a special thanks when I’m offered a lift.

Suki in the jungle – Sunset and vines for me today.

A happy swinger – No, I can’t fucking talk to the animals, dickhead!

One drunk blonde – Can make me and my friend’s evening.

Surfboard Suki – The waves seem to enjoy it when I ride them.

Doctor Love – Medical professionals always seem to know what they’re talking about.

Fluffing his loins – He has me wet and salivating. I’ll play the patient game.

Suki, the vacuum cleaner – I’m a real chomper at heart.

A perfect pussy – He wants to share me with the whole world, I’m that good!

Know any dentists? -Volunteers with the right qualifications should come forward or backward or sideways. Any which way!

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