Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Does blonde Suki have it harder?

Flawless make-up – Could this be the mould for the new Suki doll? It’s as near to perfection as I reckon we’re going to get.

Figure hugging – These jeans just have to be painted on, don’t they? But they’re not.

Orgasmic model – It looks as though every time the cameras flash I come.

I’m red hot tonight – I seem to be bursting out of this dress in my eagerness to get laid.

Sexy underwear – This flimsy garment will not be staying on for long so I’d better take a memento.

Here to entertain you – We hope you love us as much as we love each other.

Always the bridesmaid – Pretty soon I’m going to stage a wedding event where I’m the bride. That’s without actually getting married for real, you understand.

Auntie Susan steps in – So, a wedding planner I ain’t. However, at least I got fucked in the end as well as fucked over earlier.

A black male dominates me – I so deserve this and I would deserve it even more if he fucked me against the wall too.

No arrest for the wicked – If I must flirt with a cop I suppose I deserve what comes my way.

A promise is a promise – Of course, I knew right away which was the real Zorro but it was such fun checking out all the possibilities.

The dildo test – Background research is so important when you’re dating someone who is well-endowed.

That is a pussy – Well, I’ve astonished the kitten but I may have farted too.

Did I shoot the Sheriff? – I’m just glad he recovered so quickly. Restorative justice thanks to my tits.

The perfect maid – Pleasing both my Master and my Mistress leaves me a happy bunny.

Relief road – A by-pass makes sure everything flows smoothly. I may need one of those “Danger of flooding” signs though.

Bursting for a drink – When there’s no other way you just have to improvise.

Going for the record – Reminds me of that fountain in Geneva. Certainly a personal best.

It isn’t raining men – They send me on these missions out of spite. I’m sure of it.

Hands off the merchandise – This guy Luke is quaking because this is Dubai and he doesn’t want to lose his cool.

Follow that camel – It seems I’ve been captured by the Arabs again. When will I learn not to play in the sand?

Suki is a temptation – All protocols aside this guy needs to lighten up.

A simple plan – I love it when a plan comes together. I think the monkey did recognise me from a previous visit when he snogged me.

All in a day’s work – It’s always best when you do what comes naturally.

With feel-around and audio description – The sex industry caters for all types. Oh, yes, it does.

Venus in Venice – Of course, the waiter needed no further persuading. They’re not all gay, you know.

My dreams are so vivid – I remember every detail of this one as I was, of course, awake the entire time. Sometimes a guy needs taking down a peg or two.

In search of a man – I don’t know why she’s bothering. She can’t have him.

He’s not that rich – I hate courtrooms and it’s not helped by the fact that most of the judges and lawyers have been my clients.

Getting stuck in – This guy took things a bit farther than I was comfortable with.

Diverse thinking – It’s true. Men and women have different brains and our minds work differently. You can never be one hundred per cent certain what is going on in a particular man’s head.

Beach etiquette – You’re best to hide things out in the open for sure.

Carry on camping – Trust me to have my pussy licked by a complete stranger.

An embarrassing moment – Serves me right for wearing my work clothes for an ordinary evening out with my boyfriend.

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