Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Harem scare ‘em for Suki

Mistress Suki – When I’m in this mood men know better than to disagree with me and absolute obedience is essential.

An easy mistake to make – Especially if you are so engrossed in “The Pussy Pendulum.”

For a few dollars more – As he called me a lady he deserves a donation.

Kept man – He wouldn’t be the first man to sponge off me.

What a bum! – I don’t know why I keep picking losers.

Viva Espaňa – I guess I’m really a part of the neighbourhood now.

New girl in town – I was only a novelty for a while.

I seem to have a seat too – Perhaps more of a perch than a seat and a bit hard as well but it takes the weight off my sandals.

She’s a winner – I reckon Red was deliberately trying to lose here in order to win.

The heat of the night – I’m exhausted but this father and son team look as if they could shag me some more.

I’m a bad girl – Who should be spanked repeatedly by any self-respecting businessman.

Two Sukis better than one – Gypsy and I are sometimes seen as a double act but we do live quite separate lives.

Dropping anchors – It’s too hot here in the newsroom and nobody can see below the desk anyway.

Floored by the boss – He caught me in the bodega and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

Living on the edge – The head of studio has a fabulous apartment which he couldn’t wait to show me.

Soothed in the sauna – He spent some time getting to know my clitty.

A little light relief – I thought I’d better have a stroke before he did.

A gobful – I guess I’m on the payroll for now.

A bedtime caning – Oooh! This guy is so masterful!

Two sausages in one day – No meat shortage here apparently.

First time flyers – Other budget airlines are available.

Pleasing my Kung Fu Masters – Not quite sure how this fits in with my training regime, but they know best!

New training technique – Good for the thighs as well as the pussy, so I’m told.

Time for some Suki – This guy’s family has a strong sharing ethos, it seems.

The best bargains – Not quite how I envisaged a trip to Dubai to be but that’s wealthy Arabs for you!

It’s your new barcode, bitch – I guess owner identification is important to these guys.

Suki and Gypsy serve the Sultan – Covid compliant working in a harem environment isn’t all bad, I suppose.

That’s quite a hilt, honey – My own personal bodyguard to ensure I didn’t leave the premises.

The right combination – I’m sure he should be fingering us in a different order to unlock these chains.

Sheik, rattle and roll – And now for a word from our sponsors.

Please support our sponsors – These products are not available in stores.

Arab spring – They can jump you at any moment. All part of their “fuck-you-anywhere” philosophy.

What an asshole! – Inevitably the anus is the first port-of-call.

Keeping me secured – I must be subdued to ensure obedience.

A gradual mellowing – Over time your Arab may come to trust you and treat you more respectfully.

It’s in the right place – Once his heart is in the right place his cock will be too.

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