Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

In search of a happy end with Suki

Wet Suki – Whoops! I seem to have got scrunched up. The medical profession refer to it as “tight ass syndrome.”

Tits are no risk – When it comes to coverings one must get one’s priorities right.

On-Street kissing – No, we’d never met before. It just felt appropriate.

Fits me like a glove – I’ve been poured into this outfit. I’m just worried it may solidify any second.

Anal desires – I wasn’t expecting her to make straight for my asshole when we greeted each other.

Flight of the teens – It’s great that one can rely on one’s friends in times of crisis. In this case a crisis of international proportions.

Open wide, open often – It’s OK, people. I was yawning. I don’t do mouth exercises really. Well, maybe only occasionally.

Helping to ease the pressure – Not so much an old wives’ tale as an old husbands’ tale, I reckon.

Suki’s dress is off-the-body – So, I have a weakness for tall men and minimalist clothing.

Suki is flexible – Yes, I can do all the sexual positions, me.

Suki gets hammered – Unfortunately Thor wasn’t there but fortunately they realised pretty quick I wasn’t a virgin. So they just fucked me. No sacrifice required.

Suki,  undercover cop – My FBI career didn’t last long. I certainly didn’t squeal on any of my fellow students, although I did pick up a few handy tips.

Massage therapy – It’s almost like passing the baton in a relay race. Let’s hope neither of us drops it.

Suki surrenders to sex – The guy doesn’t know it yet but he’s about to take part in my favourite leisure pursuit – bisexual threesome sex.

Suki’s secret – Don’t tell anyone about this nude beach where I go swimming. Deal?

Golden beach girl – It’s alright to tell people about this location, if you know it.

In-flight service – You wouldn’t expect anything less when you land at Space Port.

For the breast view – There’s talk of my bosom being listed among the local tourist attractions.

Have I got news for you? – Maybe that’s one of the rumours I started.

Wounded knee – I like a guy who can outsmart me, except when it causes blood loss.

So many Sukis to choose from – Spot the real ME, if you can.

New batteries in my vibrator – Once inserted it can go for hours.

I need an armed guard when I paint – These self-portraits can be tricky buggers. Capturing my essence could prove elusive.

I use a broad brush – For the finer details.

It’s a watercolour – Applying the finishing touches.

Suki’s new client – I love dealing with first-timers. I bet his imagination is running riot.

Does my pussy please you? – A rhetorical question, if ever there was one.

Getting closer – Rubbing my whole body against his young flesh is turning me on too.

Tasty cunt – A little artificial sweetener to add to my natural flavouring.

All over massage – He deserves the full Suki treatment.

Put your cock into me – Five little words that mean so much.

Happy end – Or perhaps not!

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