Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

It’s all the way for Suki

All the way – Proving once and for all that I have a retractable brain.

Licking frenzy – This tongue drives me to distraction.

Scary Suki – Don’t grit your teeth and scowl at me, honey. That’s the price. Take it or leave it.

Suki is a special case – I reckon the male nurse just wanted to examine my pussy close up.

Guaranteed satisfaction – I think this guy’s ejaculation was a tad too premature though.

Cock twist – A special technique for a reluctant comer.

Pick me up – Now you can take me home with you.

Suki is fucked – And after twenty minutes of this I really am.

Fun times on Pussy Pendulum Island – Swinging into springtime with a couple of submissives.

Tasting my “genuine” cum – We mass produce the stuff (secret recipe) for occasions such as this. It saves a lot of effort.

I’ll perform for anyone – A bit of a Mickey Mouse theatre but the punters still paid to be entertained.

You get second billing, Suki – I didn’t go blonde to be the support act, honey.

The power of Suki – Even supposedly spoken-for men are not immune to my seductive charms.

I prefer fake fur – No need for any animals to be slaughtered except for those pesky synthetics.

Apprehensive in stockings – I’m not sure why I’m clutching a towel and free-falling in mid-air here!

A cock and bull story – Buying me dinner in a fancy restaurant only entitles you to my undivided attention when you talk bull.

Clinching the deal with a clutch – Told you I was a sex mechanic.

It will cost you – Why don’t we start the bidding with an arm and a leg?

My baby! – He grew so fast!

Piggy in the middle – I’m wearing my panties on my forearm because I don’t want to lose them in the general confusion.

Forgetful Suki – You see, my concentration levels aren’t always high. I’ve so much going on in my head!

Three against one – I think we have the measure of this guy.

Passion – I’m as enthusiastic as anyone about blondes.

Let’s go motorboating – Num-num-num-num-num!

What have we here? – A wet pussy if I’m not mistaken.

Moment of joy – Thank goodness the purple socks didn’t put me off though I think they really got to the photographer.

Love that blonde – I just can’t get enough of her.

Lift me up to heaven – These Andalusian women come in extra-large size.

We have lift-off – She propels me to a personal best.

Pussy rider – A very dramatic moment but who’ll get the BAFTA?

Love by the pool – I’m glad I’m on top on this occasion.

To be sure to be sure – We would appear to be getting a result here one way or another.

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