Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Let’s unlock Suki’s libido

Suki takes the knee – With a body like this she matters to me. The red and white socks are just an added bonus.

Suki is your hostess – I’m so pleased to meet you I seem to be swelling up in all the right places.

Two dykes take a hike – Gypsy and I set off to find ourselves in Nature and in Nike.

Suki’s birthday treat – I appreciate her for her curves rather than the candy.

Unlock my libido – Oh, she knows me so well!

A degree of enthusiasm – I do kind of warm up fast, don’t I?

What happened the piano lesson? – Those ivories can wait. I have to pet the teacher first.

Wanna taste the wine … in my mouth? – Clearly, she likes to savour and so do I.

Wanna taste yourself? – This finger has just been in your pussy, honey, and now it’s going into your mouth.

A faceful of pussy – My favourite breakfast serial. I can’t wait for the next episode.

Pussymania – Some cunts are irresistible.

Let’s dance – Getting close up and sweaty is a sure-fire turn-on.

Water those plants – So refreshing and definitely NOT guys pissing on me.

Suki, the shopaholic – Well, if I can’t give a shop manager a treat, what good am I?

The Master will see you now – I know how to be humble in the right company.

Suki gets whacked – Just a little reminder of my status.

Suki, post whacking – Well, that’s me busy for the rest of the evening then.

Worshipping cock – Red is helping me out with this monster. Two heads are better than one.

Suki and the crew – Taking a short break before the shooting starts.

An eager client – Some guys like to spell out the parameters of our relationship right from the start.

Suki is a professional – Two guys but not for the price of one, I hasten to add.

Orgy weekend – I have to do something to amuse myself when I’m not in the thick of the action.

Getting ready – If the guests don’t screw me the rest of the staff are sure to.

Cosplay party threesome – Batwoman and Black Robin seem determined to get me.

What a sucker! – I get stuck into one of my favourite pastimes.

Postpone the song – Another of my favourite activities, with an anal boost.

Now she sings – The bat lady is singing. The party must be over or else she wants me all for herself.

Close threesome – With two guys pitching into me I tire a lot faster.

Back seat sex – Don’t need much persuasion, do I?

Pound me – This guy took control of me pretty quick.

Man on top – Being banged into the upholstery is my kinda ride.

The right equipment – Thank goodness all my bits are in working order.

Don’t stop – If we’re going all the way to LA this car ride is going to go on and on and on for a long time.

Spread ‘em, baby – I can see I’m in for another back seat bang. This time one I didn’t bargain for.

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