Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Now what’s up, Suki?

Sex on one leg – Sandals and cobbles can play havoc with the toes. It’s not helping boob keepy-uppy either.

Gypsy clutching at straws – If ever anyone was suited to a role in the hay it’s her.

Come here and fuck me – You won’t get a better offer on the street than this one.

What’s up, Suki? – I hope you intend to eat that carrot, honey. Now stop rabbiting or I’ll turn you into a hare.

Tails and the unexpected – I’ve kissed a bunny before but she was working in a nightclub and serving drinks at the time. Something bugs me about this guy in the rabbit outfit.

Suki devours comic books – I can hardly wait to find out what happens next.

Bad BatSuki – I love it when the guy takes charge of me, even if he’s wearing a silly Halloween costume at the time.

Keeping warm – You don’t have to keep the wolf from the door if he’s contributing to your body heat.

Running hot and cold – Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Selfie time – Me? Vain? Never!

Silky smooth – My hair has to be just right though.

Hair-raising experience – That’s the last time I take a ride from a trucker.

A hitchhiker’s guide – A single word can make all the difference.

I found her in the driveway – I may not be roadkill but things are not looking too good for me here.

Just along for the ride – Bringing the thrills of dressage to the common man. I hope I’m whetting these guys’ appetites enough for them to buy me a Big Mac meal.

I ride a lot too – And usually after a single glass of Champagne.

Midnight ride – Funny to name a white horse Midnight, don’t you think?

I’m so wet – This is a semi-permanent state for me, constantly horny.

Questions for Suki – I doubt if I have all the answers.

Baseball bitches – We’re pitching this lesbian double act which requires some balls as you can imagine.

Tantalising titties – Well, this all seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Suki falls for a good kisser – It works every time. Kiss me and I’m yours.

Isn’t the hen night over yet? – The bride was just looking too lovely. I had to continue our kissing from the night before.

Four hot pussies by the pool – None of these moggies is going to get as wet as I am.

Suki, the sex mechanic – I’m ready with my wrench for all those nuts that want to screw.

I’m wired up – No, I chose this spot at random, so it’s not entrapment. I just want to be fucked.

Let me adjust that for you – All of me can be unhinged at a moment’s notice.

Suki barbie – These sausages will soon match my body temperature.

Suki is a prisoner – If she fingers me and motorboats me simultaneously I can guarantee she’s mine.

Space Suki – Yes, she did send me into Earth orbit.

Officer Suki – All I need now is a punter to go clubbing with.

Mirror image – I still have to maintain that I’m not vain even though I know I’m lying.

Are you something in the city? – The business suit always fools guys into thinking I’m not a hooker.

Sex party – I love this guy’s naïve optimism. As if I would dump a boyfriend for a sex party!

The searcher – Here’s another naïve optimist. Thank goodness my boyfriend was one of those guys who did see him off in double quick time.

Build your own mermaid at B&Q – A little underwater S&M never harmed anyone, I say.

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