Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Out and about with Suki

Pink drink – It all happens on the beach. Motorboat anyone?

When it comes to sex – It’s always nice to have an audience, even a preoccupied one.

Patient care – Cute guy. He may just get that date.

Love being in the nude – There’s nothing like sending out all the right signals when on a date and being naked is certainly an ice-breaker.

Hospital after-care – Is this really happening or is it a dream?

Is Ginger dead? – Weighing up all the facts, you decide.

The maid with the most – This is the kind of hotel maid service every lone traveller hopes for but never gets.

The hotel room jackpot – A blowjob from Suki is a thing of beauty.

Phone sex – At least I came which was the object of the exercise for me.

Fire your love juice into me – I gave him all the compliments and encouragement I could but, although he shot his load into me, I remained unsatisfied on this occasion.

Speed writer – Sexual descriptions come to me quick and easy these days.

Hot tub action – Well, he did have a lot of spunk to deposit in my throbbing cunt but I seriously doubt that the tub would have overflowed if he’d let fly in the water.

Just a quickie – Some secretaries are so good that they cannot be adequately replaced by a temp. His must be an angel.

Secretarial duties – I know all about how to please a boss, having been a secretary myself.

A quick fuck – I’ll go the extra mile for the right client.

Suki will change your life – I can take you from boyhood to manhood in one easy step.

The older generation – And if you want to recapture your youth the same journey can take place in reverse.

Suki meets a need – I’m not just a good Samaritan. He still did have to pay me.

Pinch an inch – Some old gents have a lot of life left in them, it seems.

A tongue lashing – An expert at work and for once I don’t mean me.

Sucking Sabu – What an arrogant little shit! If it had not been for the huge monetary reward I would have bitten his balls off.

Revenge will be mine – I intend to teach the bastard a lesson. See if I don’t!

Safe and secure – I just have to ensure that I cover my back when taking revenge. I wouldn’t want it traced back to me.

Treasure trove – A little nest egg for Gypsy and me in our old age.

The real treasure – Forget the pension fund. I know the real value of a loving friendship.

Dog grooming – While Gypsy eases out the kinks, I plan ahead for future sexual conquests.

Who wants to fuck me first? – This is a Suki ultimatum. My dog training patience is exhausted.

A win-win for both parties – This hound is clearly a decision-maker type. I’m liking his attitude.

Get in line for Suki – Sometimes I’m so busy I don’t know where to turn.

Caught in the act – Of course, the policewoman was next. I needed comforting after my “ordeal,” didn’t I?

I had your brother for breakfast – I don’t think this pig fully understood what I was saying about his brother. He fucked me anyway so there were some hard feelings.

Suki in the Sahara – I had at least one thing in common with this dromedary. We both had Camel’s toe.

Playing in the sand – The heat and the sand and the huge dick. It was just like being on holiday in Ibiza.

“Must-have” cock – And we’re back to the threesomes. What an ongoing adventure real life is!

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