Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Phenomenal Suki

A winter warmer – I’ll soon melt this snow and a few other things besides.

Knock-out – My boyfriend’s son gets his revenge.

Getting the wind up – Someone tried to breeze past me.

Bar girl Suki – This one’s on the house, honey, since you have not commented negatively on my attire.

Cocktail time – That is any moment in any given 24 hour period, seven days a week.

Coconut shy – It’s the only place I could find to practise my pole dancing.

Making it hot for the guys – Even sixteen year olds can detect the tell-tale signs of a pussy in heat.

Self-defence – It’s in the United States Constitution, honey. I have the right to bare arms.

Sex Doll Me – Actually for a once-off the real me is cheaper.

Send the temperature soaring – See-thru has that mercury rising.

A different perspective – I just felt like hanging out.

Overwhelming – We only wanted to give him a special birthday treat.

Getting my fill – Thank goodness he recovered in time to enjoy it.

Sitting pretty – I could squat here all day.

Getting excited – We seem to have aroused some interest.

Bending like Suki – This is going remarkably well.

Real temptation – You won’t get a better deal anywhere, honey.

Writing technique – I need to experience it to write about it. I need a hero.

All white – I’ll take you to heaven where the good guys go.

He’s behind me – And don’t I know it!

Don’t call on me at work – You should have rung first.

You might learn something – So, now that you’re here, stay and watch.

Seňorita Suki – Can someone please get this octopus out of my hair!

Never safe – If Trump don’t get you Cactus Sam will, Seňorita.

Something fishy – What do we do now?

Friends forever – This is my favourite bubble.

Short-sighted Suki – I can see you. Only just, but I can see you.

This rampant rabbit is a bunny that bugs me – Maybe we’ve reached an understanding I couldn’t manage with the road-runner.

She’s available – Lesbian millionaires especially welcome.

I’m begging – You know what I want!

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