Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Sex in the City with Suki

Bathtime – Is this jacuzzi big enough for both of us?

Must have man – We’ll divide him equally. You can have the left half.

Soft focus – I’m at my best when filtered.

In the pink – I really want to show more flesh than this.

Poolside delight – Totally naked is good.

A tasty snack – She can always eat them in bed later.

Midnight beach party – I don’t think he realises what he has signed up for.

Suki does the business – Good communication doesn’t always need words.

Stairway to hell – Some bookings really are a nightmare.

Got ourselves a fence – Hands off, buddy. I have a reservation.

Suki is maid to measure – I suppose you might as well use me when you’ve got me.

A threesome of sorts – I’m a bit of a scrubber, I guess.

Dead common me – Am I an actress or what?

Maid service – Being a maid is a 24 hour a day task marathon.

Chauffeur driven – I much prefer being a mistress of the high and mighty which brings its own little perks.

Why am I naked? – I just like it that way and I like the effect it has on guys too.

I’m worth it – It’s easy to take a wrong turn in new surroundings.

In the nude again – Of course, she let me in but not before she had embarrassed me in front of the neighbours.

A father’s treat – Obviously he just likes to watch his daughter having sex.

A daughter’s dilemma – Daddy’s training methods are unusual.

Vaginal training – You have to admire her commitment to fulfilling parental demands.

Families, eh! – Like father, like son. I’m just the hired help.

A volatile market – I reckon if I floated on the Stock Exchange I’d make a fortune.

Suki misses out – They do say that the bear necessities of life will come to you, don’t they?

My recurring nightmare – I suppose I must secretly desire to be ravished by rough and ready types. Who knew?

Three’s company – There’s something to be said for a gentler approach.

Nice and easy – I’d happily lie here for hours.

A finger of fudge – Guys seem to like my multi-tasking abilities.

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