Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Success and failure for Suki

Limey – I would kill for this dress.

It’s a cover-up – We’re being coy today.

I’m gunning for you – I have a bullet with your name on it, Magnum 44.

Jumping on the boss – Fuck office politics! Fuck me!

Intimidation – OK, I get your point, buster.

Arrested development – No chains can hold me.

Sinking feeling – Fuck off! I just want to wash my hands in peace.

Chew me – He has taken it to the next level.

I want my rights – I drive a hard bargain.

Suki gets a helping hand – She’s started work on my anus already!

Plot a new course – Penzance here I come.

Suki’s pirate adventure – Her chest is my treasure and vice versa.

My heroine – Captain Redminge is at my service.

I’m hers – The Captain lays a proprietary hand on my rump.

My pirate lover – I’m the primitive and sensual one in this relationship.

Living the dream on Pussy Pendulum Island – I’m fully conversant with all the pirate lingo, me.

Bubble bath time – Bathing in Champagne we’re pirates of the Caribbean.

The wench be mine ‘arr, ‘arr! – Now I’m the Captain and it’s Red’s turn to play the savage native girl.

Bodyguards – No one gets aboard this millionaire’s yacht without permission. Am I right, girls?

Always obey the teacher – I swear I didn’t write that note but I’ll defend the right of anyone who acts on the instruction to do so.

Sitting pretty – I’ll have to do something about this erection.

Ejaculation training – A cock ring can work wonders.

Getting the point – Whatever she’s doing back there seems to be effective

No pussy today – If it got up there by itself it can get down by itself too.

Suki fails to excite – What a stand-offish Mexican!

Soft-hearted Suki – I’m far too kind to my sex slaves, I reckon.

Fuck models – Once a vandal, always a vandal! As long as he buys me new clothes I’ll not complain.

After dinner entertainment – It was spontaneous but the hostess didn’t seem to mind.

As sub as it gets – I will obey you, Master.

He’s rubbing my magic lamp – Does he have to hold it right there?

Having a ball – For some reason I feel right at home here.

My ideal evening – It really doesn’t get any better than this.

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