Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki aims for the stars

Funky waitress – No, I didn’t forget to put on a dress again and this pint is not for me. It’s nude waitressing at its finest.

Table service – I may have something for you on draught, guys.

Bottle of beer – Can’t tempt you?

I took the blows – He should change the name of the restaurant before all his waitresses quit.

Suki, sex slave par excellence – Of course, I knew what I was there for but the clients like it better when I play the innocent.

Hey, waiter – One way to attract attention and it’s effective. I’ve tried it many times!

Media interest – True story.

Not as big as I thought – Men always exaggerate, don’t they?

All’s fair – You can’t beat me when I’m on my game.

Censored tits – I get a shock before 9pm.

An old friend – It’s always great to catch up with (fuck)buddies from the past.

The sax is good – I think I blew when I should have sucked.

Work, work, work! – Earning a crust has always been my top priority.

The nutcracker suite – Girl power is everywhere.

Shakes of a plane – I was only pretending to sleep in an effort to put him off. The turbulence definitely helped though.

Purple patch – My favourite position with my go-to bitch.

More purple – We’re versatile if nothing else.

Clits together – Works for me!

Making waves – The view from the taps to the bottom.

Fly me to the moon – Or just bow down and worship me.

Assassin – He obviously has a creed and is pursuing it.

Cum in my mouth – I hope this is unleaded, honey.

Show me the ropes – It’s those pesky pirates again.

Sex Slaves R Us – Clearly they foresaw us coming.

Change of attire – Making us feel sexy helped a little, I guess.

A gag every minute – Sexual high jinks in the middle of everyday normality.

Sex and drugs – This could be the beginning of a long-term relationship.

Long-term relationship – How right I was!

Suki and the Arabs – These guys knew how to play it rough.

Terror cell – A trifle big-headed of him to state that.

Arabs are coming – Seems reasonable to me.

Tradesman’s entrance – My back door is always open for business.

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