Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki bridges the age gap

Suki and Gramps – No, he’s not my real grandfather but he treats me like his granddaughter so I guess this could be viewed as incestuous.

Relative satisfaction – I’ve got to ensure that mention in his will!

Family fuck – This should guarantee that he remembers me.

Old Man Rivers – I always take good care of my clients.

Faking it – To do anything else would just be plain rude.

Suki takes charge – A worst case scenario for this young guy, on his first visit to me too.

Sex therapist Suki – I’m loving this job. I’ve made my hobby a full-time occupation.

Intimate threesome – This shy, young girl needed some encouragement to take the plunge into the realms of wild, uninhibited sex.

Orgy time – One of those parties where everybody gets involved.

Relaxing massage – Skin on skin with plenty of gentle rubbing – that’s the ticket.

Suki is well-oiled – Both inside and out, honey.

Bathroom bliss – The house red is a particularly piquant pleasure.

Bringing on a sub – This pillow has seen some hot pussy action in its day.

Lunch with Larry – A pleasant little discourse on appetites passes the time while we eat.

Suki with pooch – No, I haven’t had sex with it … yet!

Suki’s magic wand – This anal device will soon have you on your proverbial toes.

Suki well-suited – This billiard room is too cool to go without a jacket.

Smurfgirl – I told you it was nippy but I guess the hat is helping a bit.

Kitchen caresses – A grab from behind does have that element of surprise in one’s favour.

Pulling her strings – It’s like playing a musical instrument except that it reciprocates.

Advanced motorboating – This will soon get her engine running.

Tit overload – She’s turning my head with all that breast power.

City babe – I reckon I could do with a good square meal or just a cock to suck.

Jungle babe – Change of location. Fewer clothes but same situation.

Suki in the jungle – How did I get there in the first place? All will be revealed.

A bush fucker trial – I never did like Ant and Dec anyway.

“He’s behind you!” – It’s great to be able to relax and take a breather. What’s that? Who is behind me?

Suki tests the water – Global warming my ass!

Suki in the river – Ahh! It’s OK once you’re in for a while, I guess.

Suki saves a blonde – My turn to do the rescue thingy. I think I’m better off in the water than in the jungle.

Mermaid Suki – It doesn’t take long for my legs to metamorphose into pure fish, at least in my own mind.

Ocean cruise – I will concede that the flippers and the aqualung do help with the delusion.

Not a dolphin! – My knife just slipped, Mr Shark honey, and it can slip just as easily into you.

Coral grief – Solve one underwater problem and you’re soon faced with another.

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