Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki can shake it

Suki at the back of a bus – I chose a location where I would come off better in the comparison.

Ear-stretching Suki – I need bigger lobes is why.

Legtastic Suki – Perhaps I can stretch these legs out a little bit further too.

Bikini Suki – Cartoon Me reckons this waist may be going to waste.

Strutting out – I’m a confident girl about town.

I want Candy – Don’t you think I deserve it/her?

Horror stories – By far the worst scenario here is the third one.

Artist at work – Now you can see why I prefer proper artists.

The boys are back in town – And don’t I know it!

Class nude – They all need instruction on how to treat a woman with respect.

Educational incentive – By all means give the kid goals but teach him respect.

Blueberry pie – Cock tastes great in any language and with any flavouring.

Cowboy convention – These guys insisted on introducing me to their fellow convention-goers. What a weekend that was!

Plugged in – My pussy needs an electric charge round about this time every day.

Can somebody call a locksmith? – My boyfriend has done it again, shackled me and pissed off to the pub with his mates.

I see you locking – So, I’m dating a locksmith now. He’s obsessed with keyholes apparently. I’d say all my holes are key!

I need more room – This aquarium is definitely too limiting for an aquatic creature like me.

Street Suki – Social distancing can be challenging for a hooker. Even more so if I was limited to six in the garden at any one time.

Suki is a district – I never touched the traffic light, Officer honey. I’ve been framed.

Suki is up front – I never said a word. He just assumed everything from my appearance.

Suki seeks her contacts – Worth a try to expand my portfolio.

Suki tells it like it is – Some guys like it to be spelled out.

Hot Cheerleaders – While genuinely pleased to see Blondie, I may have had other motives in mind too.

Yoga goals – It looks like Blondie was even more motivated by the guys than me.

Nibbling Blondie – More affection for my favourite blonde.

No exit – Now I understand why the guy wanted a fly in his rubbers. (They usually want a rubber in their flies.) But where was he going to find a zip in those fishtails?

Shoulder shaking Suki – Try saying that after a few G&Ts. I can wobble with the best of them.

Let’s (t)work together – Getting down and dirty with this soccer team during a training session.

Move those butts, guys – I’m really giving my all for the team.

Suki is getting hotter – It has nothing to do with the fire, honey, but I’m feeling grate.

Stocking up – What would the Dow Jones do, honey, if I were to suck your dick?

Suki denies her Honolulu exploits – Hawaiian shirts do not give me flashbacks. I just won’t go there.

Bedside manner – The Doc seems to have my interests at heart.

I’m so easy – Is it my fault if I once worked for “Help the Aged”? I’m just a pushover for anyone to exploit me.

A trip to Egypt – I think this safari outfit really suits me and I dig archaeologists too.

No use to me – I reckon he won’t have to think too hard to work out why they didn’t need paying, my handy men. This guy is history.

Any old line – The sweet talk helps but it’s his dick that really counts!

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