Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki communes with Mother Nature

Ass felt junction – Sometimes you just need to squeeze and be squeezed.

Being creative – I don’t have to dress up in order to write but it can help.

Why do I dream of elephants? – It must be eating those Jumbo meat pies.

Bedroom buddies – A little overkill on the drapes front perhaps.

I know my place – I’m very well-dressed and coiffured for a servant but she likes it that way.

The hair dance – You’re not a showgirl without the hair.

The cum collectors – Thank goodness she didn’t have to beat it out of me.

Three big jugs – The stuff soon mounts up but storage is no problem.

I fancy me – A strategically placed mirror can divert me for hours.

Lesbian HQ – A nice juicy red-head is just what I need.

Finger me, Ginger – She’s giving me a hand.

Mermaid Point – I’m too big a fish for the lighthouse keeper to fry.

Welcome to Sea World – I’ll just take care of this girl before the shark gets her.

Which end needs oxygen? – I wonder if eating pussy will make me a cat-fish.

In-car entertainment – This is much better than a stereo system, I find.

It refuses to come off – What stubborn clothing! Forget your coat, honey, you’ve pulled.

That’s better – Now I can get my hands on those gorgeous breasts.

Plane naked – This bar conversion isn’t attracting the customers despite the non-uniform policy for waitresses.

Ready for my close-up – This artist puts real feeling into his paintings.

Oh, your foot! – Calligraphy has never been this sexy before.

Suki lives wild – Here I am going back to nature in one of South Africa’s national parks. I’m making copious notes on my experiences. However, none of the wildebeest has tried to shag me yet.

Communing with nature – This old guy tried to tempt me back to civilisation but I’m not ready to give up just yet. In a herd this size there’s bound to be at least one ambitious young buck who fancies screwing me.

"Breast of Suki anyone?" – This tribe seem keen to have me as an appetiser but I don’t think they’ve factored in that I’ve never been potty trained. Yes, Suki stew will taste of shit!

Jock strapped – This Scottish mountaineer saved me from the tribesmen and then almost sacrificed his manhood to rescue me again on the climb out of the valley.

Clear and present danger – I never knew the CIA could be such a mouthful.

An intimate conversation – The more he muttered into my vulva the closer we became.

Mini-dungeon – I was kept in a make-shift prison for interrogation and fucking. Mainly fucking.

From one pole to another – My favourite kind of questioning.

Anal antics with antique assholes – In Langley the interrogation intensified.

Nope – Eventually, I had convinced them that I was not a threat to national security or the elderly.

Suki and the millionaire – At least I’m no threat to all the elderly. Only the wealthy ones with a weak heart.

Cheers – My next millionaire (who is into blondes) coming right up!

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