Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki Erotica

I’m grooming him – My horse and I are very close. I feel his power surge between my legs even when I’m not riding him.

I love horse meat – It’s more often the case that he’s riding me.

Woah, boy! – And he’s rather good at it.

Suki sucks with glee – There is no shortage of cum.

Horses for courses – I need the practice to keep me up to speed.

Daily llama – Yes, I guess you could say that I’ll fuck anything.

I will breastfeed you – Do you know the zip code, sweetie?

Wanna pet? – I’m the perfect bitch.

Spotted dick – One good turn deserves another.

Good boy – He really appreciates doggy fashion and so do I.

Hi, honey – This guy is no use to me now.

Suki loves Scooby – I guess it must be mutual.

He’s a fake – Just as well I found out in time before he got the stake.

The bear necessities – Probably my toughest assignment. They told me he was a Chicago Bear.

The Revenant 2 – To be fair he was an attentive lover.

A great rug – It’s probably the fur that does it for me. A perfect shag.

Time for my afternoon lap – She does give good head. I wonder what he’s going to do with that pole.

Kissing Red – We’ve found ourselves a cosy corner.

A Christmas present – If you’re in a good elf what more do you need?

Firing home – He came to put out a fire and stayed to stir my embers.

Sofa so good – I love to be dominated in a squashing type scenario.

The way I like it – This is good too.

What a miss! – It has to go somewhere, I suppose, but not up my nose.

Suki in the middle – They weren’t that colour going in!

The outdoor life – OK, I get it. You’re rugged.

We like trucking – We’ll have no truck with the likes of him in the future.

Big blow – My Mom actually believes that her new anti-Covid mask invention will work!

Living the dream – Now what?

Guess we’re the floorshow – There’s being submissive and then there’s this!

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