Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki gets squelchy

Suki is a dancer and a fighter – Guess which one I’m doing now.

She fucks too – Definitely a clearer message being sent here.

Cock ready – I’m gagging for it as usual.

Sukitep can be a Goddess – I bet you Pharaoh moans any second.

Suki saves Sukitep – We get off with them, they get off with us. Win, win!

Whatever happened to nice Captain Pugwash? – Must have been a parallel universe, I guess. Isn’t that always the way!

When in Rome – Same situation, different era. Damn cosplayers to hell!

Best deals – Any money the blondes will be bought first.

Sold to a blonde – Oooh! I do not mind belonging to her.

Slave of the Day – Yes, I am a real bargain and I’ll do anything to get out of this fucking chair.

Car wash girls – It’s always fun when you’re naked with two blondes and water is involved.

New security guard – Safety measures have been stepped up after a few nasty incidents at the brothel. He's always firing off.

Red light zone – Misunderstandings can sometimes occur.

Down the hatch – If you’ve had a few drinks too many, anything can happen.

You and Who’s army – After the sunbed incident at the salon the staff wouldn’t believe I might take revenge.

So long, suckers – Come to think of it, most men have an element of octopus about them.

Octopus Prime – Bad time for a swim, I reckon.

Purple suits you – I have a dress exactly that colour.

In the pink – He’s only being playful, they said. Well, he can fuck them then!

Another sucker – This guy is determined to have Geisha for dinner.

Octopussy – It’s a new experience for me and I shouldn’t complain.

Filling Suki – Well, if I have eight kids at least they’ll be good swimmers.

A unique experiment – I could develop a taste for octopus, especially one as fresh as this.

At the hair and beauty salon – The new stylists are really skilled at pampering.

Snogging the parrot – They’re all sweet-talkers and I’m just a pushover for feathers.

Daddy’s home – Only one thing to do here – be submissive.

Old Showerhand – How wonderful! He’s protective of me.

Gorilla training – This George Clooney look-alike and his girlfriend were too much of a temptation for me to resist.

Hi, honey – You’ve got lovely teeth and a great personality, I hope.

King Dong – So big apes prefer anal too.

Monkey sore – Nurse Suki to the rescue.

Monkey whore – See! He’s feeling better already.

Tranny Gorilla – There’ll be no argument from me.

Hands up – Who wants to finger me?

Sand spit – I’m making a break for freedom. Oh, no! Not in slow motion, guys!

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