Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki goes in to bat

BatSuki – Has anyone seen Robin?

Meet me tonight – Come with me to the bat cave, honey.

Rooftop Suki – I can fight crime from the tops of buildings with the best of them.

Mirror image – A quick ass-check prior to a possible anal.

Red hot Suki – Today I’m a sexy Martian. It’s hell out there!

A fulfilling experience – I feel like this remarkably often.

Performing with Gypsy – We just love an audience.

Twin assets – We look so alike we’re sometimes taken for each other.

Get your sexy Suki here – Is this picture too cheesy, do you think?

Payment in advance – Some of these dollars haven’t been out of this wallet since before I was born.

I’ve pulled – He doesn’t like me to stare at it.

Delicate stroke – I guess he’s just a bit shy.

Massage time – She’s not one bit shy.

A hot snack – It’s just the weather for eating outdoors.

Well connected – Please remember to not pull my chain.

My new uniform – The brothel has had a corporate make-over. How’s this for workwear?

Oven ready – I’m definitely ready for something.

Girls at play – It was superhero strip night at the brothel.

Alcoholic Suki – They’ll deflate when I burp, I promise.

What a mouthful! – How dare he text while I’m sucking him!

Tree fork – They’re both branch managers.

Pole dance – Guys are really good to me sometimes.

Shop till I drop – Trust me. I know what I’m doing.

Party girl – You and me both, honey.

Go compare – I’m worth more than a tenor.

Yet another uncle – Somehow I doubt I’ll run out. There’s an endless supply.

Another notch on the bedpost – I’m not anyone’s exclusive property.

Diamond friends – There’s something about men who buy me things.

Open up your pearly gates – Not quite as good as diamonds but mustn’t grumble.

You don’t test drive me – No groping on the dance floor, gentlemen.

I need rescuing – Once I’m wet I’m anybody’s.

A perfect diagnosis – What are you going to do with whatever you’ve got behind your back, Doc honey?

I’m your replacement – The office has been modernised, it seems.

Sukitep at work – He knows her so well.

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