Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki goes to sea

Blow me – Hello, sailor! A life on the ocean waves. I can taste the brine on my lips or maybe that was the Skipper.

Beside the sea – Some day my dolphin will come. I can feel it deep inside.

Suki counts her cash – Sometimes just touching it is enough. As long as I know it’s there when I need it.

Women only, honey – This is not a cheap way to get your hands on me.

Sex on a bar stool – This is the only tip the barman wanted. Who am I to argue?

Tramp on a tram – The carriage was empty so I could give free rein to my exhibitionism.

Night worker – I might as well be, judging by the number of times the boss has me work late.

Floating employee – He insisted I conform to the aquatic puns by wearing a swimsuit.

Hoping for a dance – I will definitely get around to all the regulars eventually.

A spontaneous act – No, I’m not a stripogram or the cabaret. I just fancied being fucked by this guy in the pub.

I’m worthy of an academic study – It’s nice to be able to confess one’s sins in a non-judgemental environment and to be a case study for future students of psychiatry as well.

Obvious assets – He’s referring to my bank balance, I think.

Cash up front – I also take card payments these days, folks.

Women should be like coffee – I think I fulfil all his criteria plus I’ll keep him up all night and I’m fair trade.

The joys of a sex worker – How right he is, but I also have to wake up looking like this!

Off limits – Ever get the feeling your boyfriend doesn’t entirely trust you?

Arabian (k)night – He’s not being kinky. He does this to get the sand out of my pussy. It does get everywhere, you know.

Harem mammaries – A lot of lounging about eating grapes mostly.

Suki is a Goddess – You pay for a hand job, then that’s what you get, buster.

Caught with a good line – I still don’t know how he got my necklace over my head so fast and without leaving a scratch.

A net gain – If I keep practising on this guy I’ll get it right when it really matters.

Consumer survey – I don’t mind answering a researcher’s questions about my bathroom regime but how the fuck did he get in?

Parting the bazookas – When you’re having a tit à tit talk it’s not nice to be interrupted, even by alcohol.

A civilised merger – When two separate companies come together it doesn’t always work out as well as this merger seems to have done.

Working my passage – I guess there’s a price to pay when you travel for free on a luxury yacht.

A quick dip – I enjoyed it so much the first time I keep coming back for more.

Keeping the crew happy – The miles we covered were certainly nautical but nice too.

The first mate – He was only the first of many.

Only the best for the Captain – He had me on his table every night.

Joining the jetski set – The yacht’s owner got most of my attention on the voyage.

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