Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki has some strange encounters

Princess Suki – Wearing this outfit while sitting on the throne is an awesome responsibility. I think I deserve a pay rise.

That light-bulb moment – I have an idea that I should at least enquire who lit that big bonfire so close behind me.

Frozen pussy – Those icicles are a dead give-away. This is one cool cat and yes, where I’m sitting, my cunt is freezing.

You can’t have my pussy – We want to stay here and glitter together. There’s electricity between us. You must have heard of cat glitter.

Up against a wall – Yes, I have been drinking all night. How did you guess?

This is my special tree – Why do those bats keep following me?

A good trick if you can do it – I have no idea how he managed it but I am convinced he has gone forever.

Jungle babe gets a side-kick – I think he meant vegetarian but he got it right by accident. Why was I scantily clad in the jungle? I’m scantily clad everywhere, honey.

A tale of the unexpected – I just wish all millionaires in future would level with me. I’m not so mercenary that I would solely be impressed by wealth. No, honestly, I’m not!

Suki gets the girl – I do the rescuing this time and don’t I make the most of it?

Close encounter – Very steamy, even by my standards.

Stonewalling – When you have a beautiful blonde pinned up against the wall, you make the most of it, don’t you?

Give me your tongue – And half your face by the look of it.

Beach montage – I’m not recommending the wicker chair but the rest of this picture looks good to me.

Seaside shenanigans – This was not my finest hour, but the bitch did let me go eventually. After I persuaded her that it was in her best interests, that is.

I see him behind me – There isn’t going to be a rape here. These guys are no match for me. Both of them were kicked off the roof without me having to use my throwing star earrings.

Understanding at last – Suki rules OK! Guys eventually catch on and some even embrace the situation.

A little bit of domination – If they play along they might just enjoy it.

Take this – CIA agents are so unbelievably ineffectual when it comes to fighting women.

Take that – Their spy uniform reveals more than it conceals.

He’s so brave – One of my favourite clients acts out his role to perfection. He’s even hung like a horse.

I’m a one horse girl – This particular stallion can be as rough as he likes.

Taking it on the chin – This must be in Scotland. I can’t remember who was trying to “Glasgow-kiss” whom.

An alien probe – Those extra-terrestrials sure know how to treat a woman.

Ticking over on the beach – Suki rules the waves and the photographers too.

Photographic sex – So many clicks! I’m going to orgasm any second.

A trick move – Which hasn’t quite come off. My Globetrotting days end before they had begun.

Making a pass – Fortunately, I had a strong offensive line to protect me in the pocket.

The very first take, too – As a wide receiver I make a fabulous tight end. Hand-eye coordination has always been my strongpoint.

No anal – The message is pretty clear.

I’m an X-mas decoration – With an all-year-round decorative function built in.

Feeling sexy – You don’t eat burgers and have a figure like this, honey!

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