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Beach bum – I must spend half my life on the beach and the other two thirds fucking! Sun, sea and sex are all addictive whereas the study of mathematics is not.

Snorkel Suki – Ahh! I have the sea all to myself.

Pool babe – Yes, I do like to make an impression in the bar.

Suki is Australian for sex – Meet Sydney, my PR manager, who praises me to the skies.

Missing in action – You haven’t lived until you’ve been grabbed by the Gondoliers, so I’m told.

There’s a reward for helping me – Can I make the message any clearer, guys?

The new revival method – I will soon bring him round.

The world of good – Shit! He’s shagged out again!

Which pussy to choose? – I think I chose the right one.

I know what you like – This seems to be working.

Naked blade – Ill met by moonlight. This table is reserved, honey.

Blonde portal – Ooohh! This parallel world looks intriguing.

Cum is so nutritional – Though I prefer to drink it through a penis.

Blonde fun – I do not want to be disturbed while I’m occupied with my breasts.

A blonde in Rio – I seem to have strayed off the tourist track and stumbled into the wrong area.

Bye, honey – I can’t gaze into another world forever. I have a planet to rule.

Suki loves to sin – I’m in see-cock/want-cock mode again.

The direct approach – This seems to work best for me.

Tickle her more – A cute blonde will make a nice change.

Naked with you – Her pussy is so glad to receive my fingers.

A little partner swap – Variety is the spice of life, isn’t it?

Green means go – An illuminated anus – there’s a novelty!

Course correction needed – It needs to go in out of the hot sun.

A cunt that talks – It says it’s even hotter than the sun.

Consider me impaled – This bouncy castle has a sting in the tail.

I’m keen – Do you blame me?

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