Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is a Saint

Park bench solidarity – It started with a chat about the weather and very soon moved to the next level.

Hot Suki – I seem to be raising the temperature in this nightclub.

Pirate babe – Waving this sword about certainly proved an eye-opener. One cut lass!

Get right in – I’ve got him where I want him.

Ninja initiation – No, I’m not that naïve, but I was enjoying it.

Snog, Maori or avoid – Still, I want my revenge because in the end they wouldn’t let me be a Ninja except in an honorary capacity.

Filled to the brim – He got a good deal from me, don’t you think?

Gypsy to the rescue – Gypsy knows me so well and I love her for it.

Suki and the Monks – I’ve been picking grapes for these Spanish monks. They seem very happy with my work.

Suki is a dancer – The guys lap it up when I flash my pussy at them.

Dance off – One of the judges has gotten over-exuberant.

Dance floor flash past – This relationship didn’t last long, did it?

Biker’s groove – I think he must have been a friend of the DJ.

Dating a farmer a bad idea – When he got tired of me I was handed over to his animals. What a lucky break that was!

Exit strategy – This bouncer was taking the Right Of Admission Reserved thing to extremes.

Hard meets soft – Opposites attract and make for a smooth ride.

It’s alive – But will it stand up in court for Suki, the solicitor?

Jealous Suki – No, they’re just green contacts, honey. I’m not jealous at all.

Don’t let the grass grow – A well-thatched pussy. Well, this is Ireland.

To the beach – No, it’s not. It’s Hawaii, of course, and we will make it to the sea eventually, I hope.

Jogger naughty – I couldn’t pretend to be out for the count for long. Gypsy’s naked body writhing on top of me soon got my juices flowing.

Keeping warm in winter – A nice fire and a good breakfast will soon put things right.

Lesbian discovery – She must have been really pissed off to have missed out. But not for long.

Moving in – I’ll let my fingers do the talking here.

Shower kiss – Gypsy and I get on so amazingly well.

What it is to be grabbed – She has really taken me in hand.

Scenic picnic – We didn’t bring a hamper. We didn’t need to.

The sun shines brightly – So Raybans are the only clothes we need.

Suki, the Saint – The halo doesn’t lie and I’ve looked at it a thousand times.

The world is mine – And I’m going to eat it all up!

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