Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is all tooled up

The Sukiban are here – I’m looking for a girl named Sharia Law. Anybody know where she’s hiding out?

Don’t shoot the angel – I don’t think these wings will ever take off.

I’ll snipe at you if I want to – You can run but you can’t hide from a tooled-up Suki.

Spank the Yank – It’s all your fault, Sharia honey. You deserve to get it in the ass.

Who’s ready for paintball? – My plan is to distract the opposition.

Suki and Blondie on the catwalk – We’re both model citizens who deserve your full support.

Blondie or Suki? – And why not both of us, I hear you ask?

Good morning, Sunshine – So this is what Islam is really about, you say.

Suki is in Continent – The rest of South America is on the rear side of the dress where Rio de Janeiro is actually in quite a rude place.

Shipwrecked Suki stays on the game – Why should I change my lifestyle just because there has been an unforeseen event?

Proboscis nights – A nose by any other name could spell a treat.

Suki tots up her bill – It all adds up when you have “the works.”

Suki’s subway popularity – Can I help it if guys gravitate towards me in the train carriage?

Itchy back – I love a good scratch, me.

I’d prefer pizza – Sometimes I will grind myself up against a brick wall if I have an itch. Passers-by wonder what I’m doing so I tell them I’m waiting for a pizza delivery. No, I’m not soliciting. Honestly.

A little adjustment – I must have everything right for my date.

I know, right – Not that my dates care a lot about what I’m wearing. They’re only concerned about what I’m not wearing and the sooner, the better.

A stimulating read – I get myself in the mood with some erotic material.

The sexy way to fly – Reading Harry Potter late at night is not a good idea when it comes to dreams.

Choosing a date – I suppose I may have dropped a hint or two when I filled out the forms.

A warm welcome – I like a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it, especially if it’s my pussy.

Secretarial services – So, he forgot to bring his sandwiches and I just happened to have a vage handy.

Suki gets tanked up – Being the centre of attention has always been important to me.

Japanese sex hospital – Special appearances at unusual venues can be a nice little earner.

Mouth to mouth resuscitation – Luckily CPR is one of my many skills.

The special lotion – It’s massage oil as opposed to sweat. We can’t afford to get elderly gentlemen too excited, can we?

Geisha nurse – Physiotherapy sessions are an integral part of each patient’s individual programme.

Dangerous nurse – The programme is modified according to the patient’s specific requirements.

It’s me or the straitjacket – Resuscitation is a two-way street apparently.

Suki at the Swinger Nightclub – I’m looking for a steady job and the prospective employer seems to like me.

Interview with a Suki – Don’t tell me I don’t know how to get hired. The practical is always the clincher.

Two Hollywood stars – I’m really the one with the acting talent here.

The fuck-of-the-town – You don’t get a reputation without putting in a lot of hard work though most of mine is spent flat on my back.

Guys fighting over me – I guess shouting the loudest and foaming at the mouth will get you the prize. I didn’t believe him when he said he’d been saving up for me. I could tell the guy was loaded and not just with money.

Little goldmine Suki – I had my orders and I intended to carry them out as long as it suited me.

Sandwiched between the goons – They didn’t have much of a good word to say about their boss which got me worried.

Surrounded by soldiers – Judging by what they were all saying my future looked bleak.

Time to go – At the first opportunity I got out of there, stole a boat and headed for the mainland with a real hot cutie.

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