Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is Bi and naked

Hot strip – The next bit is the most difficult to do while staying elegant.

Panties down – A piece of cake from here on.

Bi and naked – Can’t blame a girl for trying.

Strait-laced – You too can have a figure like mine if you don’t mind the pain.

I’m in charge – Mirror, signal, manoeuvre! It’s all coming back to me.

Suki dishes out a thrashing – This cat has nine tails and nine lives.

Fallen idol – Those dirty commies done got me again!

Ready to use – A millionaire’s mansion and I’m the welcome mat.

Put a ring on me – It’s not snot. Honestly!

Rein yourself in – I can’t understand why Tom Allen would do this to me.

I’m cock trained – Oh, it’s not him. My bad.

Having a ball? – I scream better without one, honey.

Who is the Master? – You really have to ask?

Athletic support – Will I make Olympic qualification though?

A mutually beneficial arrangement – He may just have the edge on benefits.

Fuck me to bits – I love the individual attention really.

Humiliation – You win some and you lose some, I guess.

Office romance – I should be filed repeatedly.

So laid back – It’s work-life balance I need.

Shaking that booty – My ass it swing, like a pendulum too.

Messy eater – So cool I’m hot.

My friend Flipper – A talking dolphin – what next?

Back to school – Word gets around fast in dolphin dreams.

Network news update – I wonder if this Merman is called Ethel!

Sloppy girls – Sperm sharing is the latest craze apparently.

Sharing – It’s only fair, I guess.

Feeding frenzy – I’ll swear I could live on pussy for weeks.

Next in line – Maybe Ginger will tire her out before she gets to me.

Quite a mouthful – By hooker or by crooker.

So much for security – This encounter soon got out of hand.

Whipping Suki – It’s the only way I’ll learn, I’m afraid.

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