Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is everywhere

How about a threesome, girls? – Oooh! My friends are keen too.

Come and get it – First, the sex lesson. Then, the practical.

Happy, happy – Me, I blame the tequila.

Suki in Hawaii – The lawn needs mowing, honey.

The hot trio – What makes you think we’re being deliberately provocative?

Take three girls – Irresistibly drawn to blonde pussy.

The morning after – All partied out!

Getting the wind up – Life is a cool breeze or else several invisible men.

Forest scene – A wild beaver has jumped me. This is getting out of hand.

Blondie is the sex slave now – Really, it’s just a role-play game. I’m still as submissive as I ever was.

Stable relationship – Chomping at the bit to get out on the open road.

Stable girls – Blondie is conquered with an artificial dick.

A helicopter hitch – Careful with the controls, babe.

Caught in the act – Somehow this particular threesome doesn’t seem real to me.

A headache – Yes, I can pat my head and circle my clit at the same time.

Scuba Suki – Way too skinny to attract a shark, I’m hoping.

Moonlight swim – Gypsy keeps a look-out for fins in the water.

Portrait of the artist – Sometimes my illustrators need a little encouragement to do what I want.

Anyone for coitus? – It looks like game, set and match to me.

Farmhouse ride – What a farmer! This guy can fuck me to the rafters.

Drink me – I repeat – I am not an alcoholic. I’m a sexy maid who must be consumed immediately once you open me.

A horse for Suki – A moment of equine indecision.

An animal lover – It’s good that he thinks of his creature’s comforts.

Threesome with a twist – Gypsy and I are nothing if not flexible.

Suki goes undercover – Whatever you say, Kemosabe.

A pervert’s starter kit – When he said he wanted strong ribbons we thought it was a bit strange.

Size matters – Red Bull has a lot to answer for.

Sharing – Blondie and I share everything.

An awkward double-date – What can I say? Older men really do it for me.

Safe sex – In the age of Covid when I dream of safe sex it always involves an Australian.

Some ride – Plungers are very acceptable.

Bread sitting room – These sesame seed buns seem rock hard. I guess that’s the Suki effect.

Temptress – Sex on the roof is always a worthwhile option if you fall for me.

Suki, the bandida – When you’re ready, barman, I’ll have a Harvey Wallbanger. Mr Trump is paying.

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