Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is game for anything

Boobies – Photoshop? I’ll just leave you guessing, honeybears!

Cool bum – I am a cheeky girl, aren’t I?

Just checking – It’s there alright!

Bathroom quickie – A girl can’t even brush her teeth without being interrupted.

Making me smile – He just has that effect on me.

Valentine’s Day surprise – Well, for a start, not wearing any panties!

Just because he has a massive cock – A big cock isn’t everything but it sure does help the decision-making process.

Awkward moment – I think we’re actually all for it, not just Blondie.

Rough knight – Looks like the usual suspects will be on the lash again.

Bad date – It’s when they start tearing off your clothes and try to bite your neck that you begin to doubt your choices.

Anyone for quidditch? – I do qualify to represent Ireland.

Ass of redhead – It was a good choice to order Dish of the Day. Just the right ingredients for a nice spell.

A safe bet – Yes, Gypsy has borrowed one of my dresses for this scene.

Runners and riders – This could be the beginning of a stable relationship.

A boost before the race – She wouldn’t be a girl-pony if she were not into S & M.

Fine as you are – He didn’t think I needed a costume. My day wear would do just fine.

Trainees – I’ll have these girls trained as sex slaves in no time.

Mechanical mayhem – Well, this is another fine mess you’ve gotten me into!

Some consolation – Kind of him to give us a buzz while we were waiting.

Big dick – He’s certainly ready to get down to business. No need for foreplay.

A connoisseuse of cocks – I’m warming to the task already.

A realistic prospect? – This guy isn’t very good at judging distances.

Multiple entry – I don’t want to become a casualty of the space race.

A vacuum pump – The trick is to think of nothing and hope it doesn’t come out of the back of your skull!

Meeting my fans – I suppose I overwhelm some people!

Busy at both ends – I see myself very much as the raison d’être for cocks. Where would they be without me?

Juice me – The elixir of life positively squirts into me.

You can’t say no to Prince Char – Thank fuck it’s not me the Prince wants to marry.

A virtual experience – I have enough to do keeping his minions happy.

Thinking of Mongo – A toast to me and Ming’s fondness for fancy costumes.

This was all they had left at the pound – I guess he sparkles like me but there the similarity with my new pet ends.

She’s keen – I came as a special delivery but I’m very reluctant to stay. Note the Postal Service taking the usual care with their packages.

I’m head over heels – But not in love.

No escape – It’s like she just parachuted in and got a soft landing.

You can never have enough cushions – We really don’t like each other, do we?

Rugby practice – After she’d convinced me to join the Palace Rugby Club we practised for hours on her tackling.

It’s on autopilot – Either that or I’ve just ejected the warp core.

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