Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is so classy

Suki selfie – Sitting here I just ooze class, don’t I? Don’t I?

Beach hazard – This happens to me all the time and not just on the beach.

Bedroom farce – I’m just too trusting. That’s my trouble.

An asshole for an asshole – My A-levels are all starred and I’m the top of the class or should that be the bottom of the class.

Three ain’t no crowd – It’s great to be cummed upon.

Every which way – There’s no spunk shortage in this County. Where did that unattached hand spring from?

You fucking cunt! – Why am I being whipped? I thought I was doing well.

Nude trampolining – A fun way to exercise.

A nice surprise – I’m rolling my eyes because the arrival of a handsome hunk was unexpected.

Protracted negotiations – A date is one thing but sex is an extra that has to be paid for.

Premature ejaculation – I only have to look at him to make him come.

Teen blonde Suki in LA – My Uncle didn’t force me to have sex for money. I wanted to.

Always willing to fuck – I guess I just love to be man-handled.

A first class service – That’s real class for you.

The classy brothel – It might have been normal for him to foam at the mouth but we couldn’t take any chances, could we?

Suki, the submissive slut – It’s good to have extra qualifications to embellish one’s CV.

My kinda pirate – Ah, sexy Captain Pugwash, at last I’ve found you!

Orgy for one – This guy is sure having the time of his life.

Popular guy – Why choose one when you can have two?

Come again soon – Another satisfied customer heads into the sunset.

Coming of age – My friend is a very loving mother to treat her son this way.

Teaching and learning – I think I’m there to minimise the incestuous guilt feelings but the guy is clearly only interested in fucking his Mom.

Train ride – It was a dream come true for our random “Passenger of the Week.”

My first elephant – He fulfilled all my usual criteria – big dick and domineering - so why the fuck not do it with Jumbo?

Claustrophobia sets in – I got much more than I bargained for.

A Jumbo jet – The best thing is I know he’ll never forget me.

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