Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki lives for sex

Oiled and loving it – This is where I truly belong – permanently.

Fucking Suki – You may think I’m the submissive one but who is giving the orders?

The fuck of the century – There’s nothing quite like being screwed in a high-rise hotel room within sight of the Eifel Tower in Paris.

I want it – And it looks as if I’m getting it!

Get in – He didn’t even give me time to take my top off before ramming his dick into my pussy. This is my kinda guy!

I look up to you – I will always be humble before my God the Cock!

Suki is a party animal – I’m truly in my element when guys do this to me.

Twice as much fun – Where’s the Third-Man-In when you need him?

The brothel madam – Sucking up to the Madam in a brothel is not an option play. It’s a necessity.

Conserving my energies – Obedience to my Mistress is rule number one and only.

Something to do in the shower – I like to have a fall-back position.

Getting stuck into Suki – I didn’t think he would rim me gratuitously and he didn’t. Yet another punter into anal.

You’re the boss – I always do what my boss wants and plenty more besides.

What I want for Christmas – It was only a casual remark I made about Santa’s reindeer. He’s such a handsome beast (Rudolf, not Santa!).

Artist at work – Models must make a quick exit before the painter swaps his brush for his dick.

How about a quick flash? – Chucking a blonde hunk’s chin is fun when he’s chained up and helpless, the crabby buster. Do you like my outfit?

The voyeur – We would happily do this anyway, even without an on-looker.

AA Gold Service – Well, one is naturally grateful for any help when the car breaks down.

Sex City where Suki is your hot and sexy hostess – Pussy Pendulum Island resort is the perfect location for a swingers’ holiday.

Parties and sex – It seems that these two have noticed my tits and my pussy. That’s a start for a beautiful friendship.

Something to tantalise – Paying compliments to the customers is all part of the job.

Nothing is hidden – The more you see, the more you want.

Let’s fuck Suki – I think I’ve made a good impression.

Threesome time – Well, that didn’t take long to arrange. Result!

Suki is a teenage tease – Of course, even as a teenager it was deliberate, you morons!

A peek at my pussy – You have to reveal enough to get them interested.

Ginge Junior – Ginge Senior was married, of course, but that didn’t really make any difference to a youthful Suki.

Constantly thinking of sex – True, when in the shower I think of sex even more.

Dreaming of Ginger – My teenage dreams were vivid but they were not reality.

Ginger in the middle – Could there be the chance of a steamy threesome perhaps?

Imagining a threesome – But back to reality and it really sucked.

Daydreaming again – Why can’t my teenage dreams come true?

Suki was not the only dreamer – If only I’d known at that age what might have been possible!

Orgy feast – Back to the present day and it’s almost a case of too much reality as sex has taken over my life.

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