Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki may be a star

I wanna be a star – I wonder if I’ll ever shine as bright as these stars.

Everything is flowing – This has to be a dream.

Hose me down – There may be a fault in the sprinkler system or else I’m hotter than its settings will allow.  No, it’s not a bunch of guys peeing on me. I can’t take you anywhere.

I keep wringing – In the hope of getting an answer.

I wish this was a penis – It’s just the right length too!

Fashion model blues – The consolation efforts were fantastic though.

Lavender girl – Colour coordination is my forte.

Ready for bed – Sleep? Who said anything about sleep, honey?

Sailing away – Off on my travels again with some Bucks Fizz for company.

It’s Gypsy – You don’t really think I would walk like that, do you?

I humbly offer you my ass, Master – Is this prostrate enough to worship your cock, Master honey?

Breathless – Giddy up, soldier. This ride has to tire me out.

Basin buddies – Public toilets are a splendid haven for a spontaneous banging.

Tap me – Any slight discomfort is far outweighed by the pleasure.

Loo role – Reading on the toilet is a hobby of mine and so is fucking.

Let it flow – No need to be accurate when someone else does the cleaning.

Spraying on top – There’s quite a kick from these aerosols.

Take me! – That’s the idea. We’re making progress.

Pussy all for me – Hooray! Red and I have an audience.

Audience participation – A sloshy clash of pussy on pussy produces a response from the spectator.

Cunt craving – Blondie can’t resist my pussy’s addictive qualities.

Emergency service – No pro bono or charity cases but for the right fee I’ll take care of your little friend’s needs.

Lousy shots – A girl could starve if she was depending on you guys for nourishment!

Sharp shooting Suki – Road rage don’t work on this pistolera, honey.

Star Girl – A lot of my qualifications were gained at elementary school.

CatSuki – Well, if you are going to wear a catsuit you might as well go the whole hog, I say.

Sweet teen Suki – Looking back, I was so innocent then.

Suki goes Riverdance – Begorrah and Bejasus, t’is meself!

Whore de combat – I may be exhausted but this guy appears to have enough energy left to take pictures.

Pillow talk – I ain’t no Doris Day, honey. If this pillow could talk it would ask for danger money.

Suki, the epitome of elegance – I reckon that the guy who drew these pictures of me is obsessed with someone else as well.

Suki is serene – I appear to have lost a few pounds but serenity definitely suits me.

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