Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s graveyard shift

Those bedroom eyes – Perfecting that little girl look is never easy.

Reading for pleasure – Sex with a good book is hard to beat.

The cavalry is coming – We have to believe that the apes and the elephants are on our side.

Keeping it in the family – I don’t care who sticks it into me as long as somebody does.

Tanning takes precedence – Anal is nowhere near the top of my list of things to do.

Grave goings-on – I just had to give him the chance to prove to his late Mama that he’s not gay. I’m sure she would have thanked me.

Gluten free spanking – The healthy way to sado-masochism.

Hotel bedrooms – Next door is always more interesting than the adult channel.

Other distractions – At least I’m playing a small part in her sex life.

One of the perks of management – I just knew his lordship would blame me for any breakages.

Total transformation – Yes, I can look very different when I put my mind into it.

Surrendering to Suki – With only two of us on the island he had to give in to me eventually.

Pussy got the cream – Of course, dressing to impress has to include the car, honey.

Perfect picture – I’m at my blondest when I’m blonde.

Home tuition – Learning by doing is often the best way.

The Sex Mechanic – I wanna be screwed not unscrewed by a nut job.

Hobnobs for the hookers – We love to tease hotel staff.

Commando lesson – Guys are sometimes only helpful up to a point.

No sperm, no sex – I think he’s got the completely wrong end of the stick.

Pleasing the client – It’s fun to role-play when the client gets into the spirit of the thing.

Waking the dead – When she comes she screams even louder than I do.

Hair today – And I thought I was the one doing all the exhausting work.

His first day – Being a cameraman can have its trials too.

Boop-oopi-doop – Always give the impression that you’re in complete control of the situation.

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