Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s hottest kisses

She’s the boss – Not everyone appreciates being sexually harassed in the workplace but I do. Can you blame me when my boss is a hot blonde like this?

Passion corner – Sometimes I want to climb all over my boss and devour her.

Stand and deliver – Getting to grips with co-workers is a practised art.

So much love – Visitors and company reps should always be welcomed with open arms.

Kissing at gunpoint – Make your enemies your friends by showing them a little affection.

We have you covered – At least she’s my friend now and as well as guns the guys have hard-ons.

A break in service – Even the best waitresses occasionally need to take a break in the powder-room.

Getting excited – It’s difficult to keep one’s cool on a first date sometimes.

Someone has come between us – I don’t know where they came from but just let’s carry on as if they’re not there.

Kissing on the bounce – She might as well get satisfaction at both ends.

Lift me up – I guess I always wanted to be a mountaineer which is why I have developed the climbing instinct.

Make my day, punk – I think she intends to do just that.

Being sexy on the sofa – Sealing the deal with a kiss.

Seeing Red – Touching tongues for good luck – so sweet!

A long, slow screw – Back against the wall on this one.

Kisses galore – To me, to you!

Smooch sisterhood – I’m up for it!

Squashed – I’ll hold on tight to you, honey.

A tasty teen – I love her ass.

Being neighbourly – Your ass is mine, neighbour.

Better than gardening – Plant one on me, honey.

Danish delight – Does the big red cross mean she’s been vaccinated?

Super kiss – Chin up, cheerleader. You’ve pulled.

Let’s lez – Our faces melt into one.

Waiting for the floor show – These tiles are so cool on my back and this redhead is so cool on my front too.

Bite me – My lips are yours to play with, honey, but I want them both back in one piece.

Determined kiss – I don’t say no to people who have got a sword. Not ever.

One mouth meld – I reckon we’ve come to an understanding.

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