Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s sex party

Spanish eyes – Thirsty work this, being naked in searing thirty degree temperatures.

Quenching the other thirst – That’s better! Ice cold to calm my throbbing pussy. Don't you love product placement?

Are you jealous yet? – I’m only doing this to get a reaction from his nibs.

Vampire Suki – It’ll be Halloween soon. A girl has to get herself ready.

Vampire girls – I’ll mingle in with the crowd.

Where’s the chicken? – At the lesbian club the waitress brought the basket but forgot the chicken. She must have thought I’d ordered vegan. What are they like?

Pussy Finder General – I don’t usually have to look too far to locate a prime specimen.

Palliative care – We’ll soon have her orgasming like a trooper.

Spank the maid – The chef makes sure that next time she remembers the chicken.

Who am I? – He’s bound to guess right sometime. There are only four or five girls here.

Balcony bliss – This is not the time to throw me over, honey.

Dick on the dancefloor – I know most people wait until the dance is over and they’ve at least reached the parking lot, but I’m not most people.

Hi, nice to meet you – Want to join in and make it interesting?

Hot threesome – Pussy and cock! My favourite!

At home in the sauna – You can talk to me, I’m glistening.

Party bang – The music is right on beat.

Great party – No one wants to be a wallflower.

Take me in the hallway – Why wait until we get to the bedroom?

Bedroom rock – This guy is hard.

Bedroom session – What a great view of the city!

Suki, the cum bowl – It’s good to find your role in life.

Suki leaves the party – My work here is done.

Suki in seduction mode – More clients to be satisfied but a somewhat unusual request.

The Harlot from Hampstead Heath – These holier-than-thou prudes usually come around in the end.

Service my sexual need – The more, the merrier, I always say.

It’s a whopper – I might as well make it a clean sweep of the staff and house guests.

A late date – I quite often take on more jobs than I can logistically handle.

A fast operator – Repeat clients are the best kind, even slightly sinister ones like this guy.

A new lease of life – See what I mean about taking on more work.

Office goodbye – The first thing I did when starting my new job as a sex therapist was fuck my assistant. Well, it’s expected, isn’t it?

Do you like my bazookas? – My role is to help these people overcome any sexual inhibitions they may have. Put more simply, I turn them from virgins into sluts.

The hard and fast rule – Some clients are very easy to work with.

Touting for business – To get new clients I sometimes have to work that extra bit harder.

Playing the bongos – I’m bringing out the heavy artillery again to win her over.

The Suki treatment – With some clients repeated sessions are needed before they are ready to progress to the next stage.

Good to go – Another piece of cannon fodder rolls off the sexual production line ready to become a sex-addicted, slutty hooker.

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