Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s supernova

Glamour pussy – I can buff up well when I want to.

Welcome to the beach – Here in Spain I’m picking up the local tongue.

Naked service – Who needs waitressing skills with a body like this?

Arab spring – I’m ready for a Sheik up.

Testing the teacher – Serves me right for not wearing panties in class.

I’m loving this – I guess this is one of a teacher’s perks.

A low score – He failed the test. That’s the price of a pass at me.

I’ve been bad – The headmaster was so annoyed with me.

Polishing the floor the hard way – More punishment. I’m not making a good job of cleaning the assembly hall.

No hope of escape – The Vice Principal was not going to be any help.

The Egyptian orgy experience – The trouble we go to for authenticity!

Deep throat – I believe in going all the way.

Wheelbarrow with sofa – It’s nice to have somewhere to rest my thighs.

I want it – I’m glad he’s not aiming a crossbow at me.

Showgirls – The best dancers mix with the punters, especially if they look wealthy.

Red and me – Bosom buddies.

The pussy stuffers – Goodness! She has strong wrists.

The cock lovers – We both want to keep it.

Sudden impact – And immediate reciprocation.

Up against it – Locked together.

Sex therapist Suki – He clearly has a vivid imagination.

Suki in disguise – But you knew it was me, right? The pieces are starting to fit together.

I’m his precious – This is a magic carpet, guys!

My one-track mind – My head is filled with cock and so is my vage.

Get in – Fuck me! I’m sitting on a stallion.

Feeling used – And the next one, right in here, please!

Dreaming of more cock – I can never have enough!

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