Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s urges need curbing

A pick-up fuck – Add me to your cart, honey.

Caught in the act – I guess his wife wasn’t expecting me to be so friendly.

Balls out – You don’t need to be a dog when you’ve got me to clean them for you.

A farewell to Suki – Being dumped when surplus to requirements comes to us all.

McPussy – Only the finest quality ingredients in your Sukiburger.

McPussy meal deal – All you can eat with a cactus chaser.

A visit from the boss – He always leaves me wanting more of the same.

My co-star – After coffee we can shoot ten more scenes. Hooray!

Happy face – Is this really proof that he loves me?

A happy ending – I like to help out where I can.

Golden Suki – I know how to shine when I have to.

Perfect secretary – Of course, I’ll take everything down, sir.

Indiana Suki – My skills are transferable wherever I may be.

Just a scam – They must take it in turns to fool the tourists.

Samurai Suki – Those Japanese businessmen need satisfying again.

An overwhelming urge – I seem to have this as a permanent urge.

Outdoor encounter – A cock is all you need to catch a Suki.

See you later – Underwater sucking is not my forte but I’ll give it a shot.

What a rack! – These men want to stretch me. I wish they’d whip up the fire rather than me.

Prison bitch Suki – It’s important to put representatives of authority in their place right away.

A first date – My high tolerance for pain will soon have these dykes sweating.

Knitted Suki – I come in many formats though it’s usually just my brow that’s knitted. There’s definitely a pattern here.

Darn it – I’ve been called a Mexican doll many times.

Ooops! – Yes, I can can-can so I can!

Of course, I’ve got the time – Which time zone do you require?

In bed with Alex – We intertwine nicely.

Sauna symposium – I’ll do anything to comfort my fellow citizens.

Orgy with two blondes – So good to be centred in the Universe.

Just go for it – Sitting on the washing machine during the spin cycle.

Olé – My Spanish boyfriend and I. Could it be serious?

It’s so hot – Let the temperature soar.

Over there being fucked by three guys – Ah, the office party is getting boisterous again this year.

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