Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki says – Welcome to Lesbos

Welcome to Suki space – Your flight to Lesbos will take approximately twenty minutes.

Back door open – Please don’t try this in your local supermarket as there may be consequences.

Suki sings for her supper – I’m an Andalucian Demi Lovato, honey.

Suki’s belly can dance – Seeing my tummy in action will really bug you.

Harem downtime – Of course, rubbing pussies together will make a fire. Weren’t you ever in the girl scouts?

Harem heaven – Pussy makes a splendid change from cock.

Intertwined – We’re just in smoulder mode for now.

A kiss for my honey – We’re a bit tongue-tied at the moment.

Blonde on top – This is my favourite place to be. Totally sub.

Caught in the library – If you break the rules the least you can expect is a foot massage.

Classroom seduction – I just immediately give in to authority every time.

Rock my world – Wherever you find me, just grab me and fuck me there on the spot.

The lesser-spotted Suki – Attention! Lethal ass on patrol. My hips are a UN sanctioned weapon of mass destruction.

Walking with style – The trick is to go quickly enough so that the cool breeze catches your skirt just as the guys look back.

Buttocks may be trying to escape – Perhaps I need a collie to run in circles around me and wrangle them back into my panties.

Wanna play catch? – No, I ain’t talking about the football, honey.

Take your pic – It’s hard to focus when you’re being grabbed from behind. I guess it’s hard from the front too.

Urgent clamping needed – I reckon I’m going to get an affirmative response.

Orgasmic Suki – It’s not just the tools, it’s the person operating them that’s important.

Out for the Count – You’ve got to say this for the Count – he throws the best parties in this region of Spain.

Digging this ass – Pole dancing can really accentuate a fine piece of ass.

Can the dog join us? – Or perhaps I’m enough for her.

The Emerald Forest Lesbian – So there I was, daydreaming about being seduced by a woodland nymph, as you do.

My first vegetable lover – I may have to go vegan after this. If only she could be one of my five-a-day!

Green is the colour – Yes, I did have a triffid time in the end. However, it will not make me put down any roots.

Give me a leg up – Is this what they call flamingo dancing?

You gonna come quietly? – All this just to get some locker space.

I get a stroke – I wish everyone said hello to me this way.

If the cap fits – I must be her date for tonight.

I’m a special agent – Gypsy must be under arrest.

She’s disarming – It didn’t take her long to remove my holster.

Sofa so good – I think the DA likes me. What a relief!

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