Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki sold into slavery

Suki in chains – I knew I should never have joined Linked In.

Helpless Suki – It’s not looking good for me, is it?

Beating Suki – I don’t think this guy likes me much. It’s just a feeling I’ve got.

Suki, the sex toy – It was a long weekend and a torrid one.

Dungeon toy – I’m only here for the fucking, you know.

Try before you buy – Who would have thought that training could be so arduous.

Rough handling – Talk about being uncomfortable. This was agony.

Prisoners – At least my fellow slave was good company.

Bitch sale now on – The anxious wait to find out who will buy me.

Good choice – She will suit me nicely as a Mistress.

Probing Suki – Very refined, I must say, this particular probing.

Training Suki – What? Not more training surely? How more submissive could I possibly be?

Training begins – They’ve put me in charge of this cohort of my fellow sex slaves.

Upper hand – I get to whip a few blondes as well.

Let’s torture the blonde – We’ll get her asshole ready for the Master too.

A piercing remark – Are they going to do my pussy next?

Harem reject Suki – How can you reject me, you wankers!?

Good vibrations – This Sultan of swing has a few mod cons to match his medieval mentality.

Arabs always share – Steady on Kojak! I’m only the belly dancer!

Facial recognition – Well, this was inevitable, wasn’t it?

Initial briefing – These female guards are good at explaining things to a newcomer like me.

Individual tuition – The training camp facilities are extensive, to say the least.

Waitress service – Hey, what happened to social distancing here?

Outdoor fun – My chance to accept a leadership role in the slave hierarchy.

Universal service – The upper hand didn’t last long, did it?

Teamwork – Sometimes you just feel so shagged out you just need to flop.

A shower after work – This was as good as it got.

Morning shower – Of course, one had to reciprocate on occasions.

Harness heaven – The jockeys knew how to handle a temperamental pony.

Ready for a canter – No wonder I’m feeling nervous.

Lubrication – Clearly a necessity when being screwed in the anus.

Girl ponies at play – I knew how to make myself popular with my companions.

The guards seem friendly – Or do they? Hard to tell.

Daily chores – There was an awful lot of this.

Time to meditate – A welcome opportunity to collect one’s thoughts and reflect on the learning experiences.

Graduation – What a relief to have passed all the tests at Slave School and be able to go out into the world a total submissive.

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